One thing

Ally's dad just got a job as the assistant manager for the popular boy band One Direction! So, her family has just packed their bags for London (which is where they will be staying while her dad is the assistant manager). Ally isn't so happy because she thinks that One Direction is just one of those stuck up boy bands. Well, someone may change her mind about that. After everything is settled everything goes great, until Ally and Louis start going out. They go on some dates but their third one in particularly is odd. That is when they both go missing and Ally finds out there is something about her that she never knew about. This story will include lots of love and sadness, as well as threats, romance.


4. Getting ready

Ally's POV

Alright. So I don't understand why my dad is so happy about the job. He knows I don't like them! I still have to act happy until I feel like it is the right time to tell him I don't want to go with them.

ive already spoken with my friend and her parents about staying at their place while my dads on tour with them. They are ok with it. Now, if I just had the right moment.......


i went to bed with ideas flying through my head on how to tell him.



I woke up a little bit late. I don't have school or anything really early but Mia and I do have breakfast with the boy brats at 10 o' clock.

I got dressed in a grey baggy tank top cut at by belly button that said "kiss", put on some light blue bleached booty shorts and light grey bobs. I kept my hair down and brushed it. It went down to my waist.

When I finished all of that I put some makeup on my face. I understand that I do not like these boys, but I still like to look good in public.

once I finished looking good;) my dad yelled for me.

"Ally, sweetie. Come to my room please!" My dad yelled as he woke up himself.

when I got in his room he told me tht I looked great and also said that he was glad I was looking forward to meeting One Direction.

Then he said to me" Ally, what's wrong? You haven't been yourself since you heard the news about my new job. Is it something to do with that?

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