One thing

Ally's dad just got a job as the assistant manager for the popular boy band One Direction! So, her family has just packed their bags for London (which is where they will be staying while her dad is the assistant manager). Ally isn't so happy because she thinks that One Direction is just one of those stuck up boy bands. Well, someone may change her mind about that. After everything is settled everything goes great, until Ally and Louis start going out. They go on some dates but their third one in particularly is odd. That is when they both go missing and Ally finds out there is something about her that she never knew about. This story will include lots of love and sadness, as well as threats, romance.


8. Contest.

I know that Liam and Louis have girlfriends in real life, and I just want it to be different here.

the contest will be about who will end up being Liam and Louis' girlfriends.

i will pick two and announce them at the beginning of the chapter after the next one(because I will be writing that shortly)

so if you want to be, just comment your name, age, and a brief description as well as who you would like to be with! Thank you:) love you:)

done forget to like, fave, and fan

~ Mrs.Ally_Styles

(and here is a picture to make up for this not being a chapter;) it's at the top because I don't know how to move itXD)


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