Night Fall

Rebecca is an ordinary teenage girl, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. But what Rebecca doesn't know is that everything is going to change. When a new boy arrives in town Rebecca starts to have these strange dreams but they feel so real, she doesn't know what's happening.
Will she be able to fight all thats happening or will she keep pretending that it's not real?


6. chapter 5

The rest of the day dragged after history I had gone to my locker to find Rachael standing there waiting for me.

“Where were you in the morning, I was waiting forever but you never showed. You didn’t even call to say you were going to come late”, she was annoyed by me and I knew I had a lot of explaining to do.

“Why did your mum call last night asking for you, I thought you went home? Where were you? Where did you go?”, as I was thinking of an answer to tell her Alex came and stood next to me. He smiled at Rachael and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Alex. I’m new here, sorry if I kept Becca from you I ran into her last night. I got lost and asked if she could show me the way back to the hotel I was staying at”, I looked up at Alex who just smiled and looked at me trying to tell me to just go with it. So I did.

“Yeah he was wondering around the front of my house and I asked if he needed help. He told me he was new in town and was just trying to explore the place, see where everything is when he got lost”

“Okay, whatever. Um I’m Rachael by the way”, she said looking between the both of us trying to figure out if we were lying.

“Nice to meet you”, Alex replied with a smile.

“Anyway I’ll see you at lunch, I have to get to class Miss Davenport will kill me if I’m late again”, Rachael ran off to class still looking confused.

“Come on, we need to go to. Our teacher isn’t all that nice either”, I said closing my locker and started to walk towards my class.

After school I headed towards the car park to wait for Alex when Rachael saw me and called me over.

“Where are going? Me and Alice are going to the beach do you want to come”, Rachael asked.

“Hi, Becca how are you”, Alice was a quiet girl, she had long blonde hair and was the same height as Rach.

“I’m good, school’s a little boring though. How are you?”

“Yeah I’m good. So you want to come to the beach it’s a perfect day for it”, Alice said looking up at the sky, yeah it sure was a perfect day for the beach. The sun was shining high and bright, it made my mouth dry and sweat appear on my forehead. Wiping my forehead I look back at Alice and Rachael who were still waiting for an answer.

“I’m really sorry I would love to but my mum isn’t going to be home and she doesn’t like me to go out when she’s not home”, I knew Rachael had to believe it because mum had told me the same thing when she had the staff party and Rachael wanted us to go out. I knew that I shouldn’t lie but I couldn’t tell the truth either than she would think that I was ditching her for Alex and that wasn’t the case. Alex and I had a lot to talk about and clear up but I still didn’t want to lie to my friends because of it, I felt so bad I had never lied to my friends before and I felt like I was deceiving  them.

I said good bye and tuned around to see where Alex was. I saw him leaning on the far side fence staring at me, I starting walking towards him and the closer I got the more the questions would seep into my mouth. I swallowed the questions down and faced him.

“What was that about?”, Alex said nodding his head in the direction I just came from.

“Nothing, the girls just wanted me to go to the beach but I didn’t feel like going”, I said kicking a rock at the bottom of my feet.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”, Alex said clearly upset.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it. Come on lets go before were get locked in”, Alex knew I didn’t want to talk about it so we starting walking towards the exit and headed for my house.

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