Night Fall

Rebecca is an ordinary teenage girl, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. But what Rebecca doesn't know is that everything is going to change. When a new boy arrives in town Rebecca starts to have these strange dreams but they feel so real, she doesn't know what's happening.
Will she be able to fight all thats happening or will she keep pretending that it's not real?


4. chapter 3

“You shouldn’t be here”, a voice I didn’t recognised came from the clearing of the trees opposite me.

“Who are you”, my voice broke as I spoke the words. What was happening wolves don’t talk, but who would be in the forest at this time? But as soon as I thought it I realised I didn’t even know what time it was, my cell phone had died a long time ago.

“I’m Alex, and you shouldn’t be here”, as he spoke he stepped out of the trees and under the glow of the moonlight. Standing only metres from me was a boy who looked about my age maybe a little older, he had short black hair and crystal blue eyes that you could just get lost in. His eyes sparkled under the moonlight and made me forget where I was.

“I-I-I got lost and my phone died, do you know a way out of here”, I stumbled over my words.

“Yeah, straight through that clearing over there”, he pointed in the direction in which I had to go. I said thankyou and started to walk towards the clearing, but as I did Alex spoke again.

“What were you doing here anyway?”, he asked with a questioning tone.

“Um just walking around, enjoying the view”, I said without turning around.

“Yeah right, no one comes in here without a reason, and even then they make excuses not to come”

“Well maybe I like the forest and want to enjoy the view, is there something wrong with that?”, I said turning around and looked at him with annoyance, what’s it to him what I do, who was he anyway?

“No, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just I spend a lot of time in the forest and no one ever dared to come in here”, “It gets really annoying when I see people scared of the forest like something is going to jump out and eat them”. He said honestly angry.

“Yeah I know what you mean, I never came near the forest until now. I just didn’t know what to expect and these dreams or whatever they are haven’t been helping lately either”. I don’t know what came across me, as soon as I said it I looked down thinking how dumb I was, why did I just tell him that? I didn’t even know him, but I don’t know, it just felt easy around him and I got this feeling that I had known him forever. Then I looked back up and saw that he was staring at me with a look of recognition like he had felt the same way, but in a second it was gone and he was back to his normal straight faced self.

“What are the dreams about”, he said curiously.

“Nothing you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, anyway I have to go it was nice meeting you”, “See you around”

“Yeah maybe, I start school tomorrow, Water Land High. You know it?”

“Water Land High, yeah I know it I go there”, great now his going to the same school as me what else, his going to be in my classes to.

“Wow what a coincidence, maybe you can show me around sometime”, he smiled but it never quite reached his eyes, his mind was still somewhere else.

“Yeah maybe, see you tomorrow then, and thanks for showing me the way out I don’t know what I would’ve done if I got stuck here all  night”

“Na I would’ve found you, see you tomorrow then”, and the next thing I know he was gone just like that he just disappeared.

By the time I got home and checked the time it was 10:00 O’clock I was so tired and didn’t even realise how hungry I was until I smelt chocolate cake freshly out of the oven for sure. I ran to the kitchen and saw my mum standing there cutting the cake as if she was at a party enjoying herself.

“Mum”, I asked in a whispered tone.

“Are you okay?”

“Rebecca, there you are I was so worried about you”, she sprinted across the kitchen and pulled me in for a hug. Wow I didn’t know how much I had hurt her, not intentionally anyway if it weren’t for that stupid wolf I had seen I wouldn’t have even bothered to go into the forest in the first place.

“Where were you? I tried calling but your phone was switched off”, “Are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened?”

“Mum calm down I’m fine, my cell died and I couldn’t call you”, I didn’t know what else to say I just hoped she wouldn’t pick up on the ‘where were you’ part.

“Where were you?”, great so much for avoiding that part.

“I was at Rachael’s house”, I said apologetically

“No you weren’t I called Rachael’s mum and she said you hadn’t even gone past there”, growing angry now.

“Now don’t lie to me, where were you?”

“I-I-I was walking home I promise but then I saw something in the forest and wanted to see what it was”, I didn’t know if I should leave the part out about when I saw Alex so I just did, the last thing I needed is for mum to think I had a boyfriend or something.

“But then I realised that it was just a squirrel and when I tried to get out I got lost, I tried to call but my cell died and when I got out it was dark, I’m sorry really I didn’t mean to scare you”. Okay so I left a lot of things out, but if I told her what had really happened she wouldn’t have believed me she would’ve just thought I was lying and thought I was keeping things from her. It would’ve just made things worse trust me.  

Mum looked at me with a look I had never seen on her before, disbelief. My mother had never questioned me about anything, we trusted each other and now she’s looking at me as if I’m lying. Yes I was lying but if I had told her the truth she wouldn’t have believed me anyway, just looking into my mums eyes told me that she didn’t trust me anymore, that I had broken that bond she and I had shared. I couldn’t stand it anymore, the silence was unbearable but I didn’t know what to say. Just then my stomach started churning and I remembered that I hadn’t eaten since school and I was starving. So I tried to lighten up the mood a little.

“I’m starving, yumm that chocolate cake smells incredible”, but mum didn’t budge it was as if she were frozen and couldn’t move. So I tried a different approach.

“Mum please I’m sorry I really am, how can I make things up I’ll do anything”, I was pleading for her to forgive me, but what I got in response was nothing like what I wanted to here.

“Well I’m tired, food is in the fridge and don’t touch the chocolate cake it’s for work were having a fund raiser and they asked if I could donate something “, I was shocked and couldn’t believe my eyes mum had never spoken to me with such anger in her voice before. I wanted to follow her upstairs and plead for her to forgive me and tell her the truth about everything, but I couldn’t I knew she wouldn’t believe me and things would just get even worse than they already were.

So I walked to the kitchen and sat alone on the kitchen table just playing with my food, I had lost my appetite and felt sick to my stomach, How could this happen? Just this morning things were fine. After what seemed like forever I got up and emptied my untouched plait in the bin and headed upstairs, on my way I stopped to check on my mum, she was sleeping but she looked as if she were in pain. I slowly closed the door thinking twice about waking her up not wanting her to get even angrier with me and wished that no harm would come to her and told myself that everything would be fine in the morning.

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