Night Fall

Rebecca is an ordinary teenage girl, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. But what Rebecca doesn't know is that everything is going to change. When a new boy arrives in town Rebecca starts to have these strange dreams but they feel so real, she doesn't know what's happening.
Will she be able to fight all thats happening or will she keep pretending that it's not real?


2. chapter 1

I woke up to the smell of eggs being cooked downstairs, I slowly got out of bed and stretched my legs the memory of the other night still on my mind, but I was determined not to let it get to me and I was going to have a good day.

“Morning mum” I said a bit too quirky to be true.

“Oh morning sweetie”, “Want some breakfast before school”, my mum was always doing something even though there wasn’t much to do seeing as it was only me and her, dad had died in a car accident a few years back, drunk driver ran a red light and hit into the car making dad lose control and hit into a tree. Mum and I don’t really like to bring it up because we always get emotional and tend to forget what was happening around us. Just as I was about to say yes I remember the promise I made with Rachael and was instantly annoyed that I didn’t wake up earlier.

“As much as that sounds good, I can’t I promised Rachael I would meet her before school starts”, and with that I head back upstairs to get dressed.

“Becca, there you are, I thought you forgot we were meeting up”, Rachael was walking up to me with a smile on her face. My name is Rebecca but everyone calls me Becca or Becky.

Rachael was a very bubbly person, she had light green eyes and dark brown hair that looked like she had cut it herself, she wasn’t all that tall but she was still average height compared to the other girls in our school, Water land High.

“Hey Rach, na I would never forget to come see you, how was your date with Derek”, Derek was Rachael’s boyfriend but they have been on and off for a while now, they were meant to smooth things out but by the look of it things had gone wrong.

“Who?”, she said sarcastically.

“Oh him umm we decided to break up nothing that big a deal”, she said going quiet, but when she said it I knew she was lying, she had feelings for him but he didn’t want a serious relationship what could I do the guy was a total jerk all he wanted to do was have fun.

“Hey, I’m sorry”, I said trying to make her feel better, but it didn’t help.

“Why, it’s not your fault”, she tried to put on a smile to say she was okay, but I wasn’t buying it.

“Hey, his a jerk don’t worry about him, he doesn’t deserve someone like you anyway”, with that she looked away. I didn’t know what to do, but just then I saw it, the big ice-cream truck parked in front of the school.

“Rach, want an ice-cream, wild berry flavour, yumm”, I just hoped the distraction would work.

“You really want to make me fat, don’t you”, she smiled and headed in the direction of the ice-cream truck.

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