Her Smile

Faith Diamond Has Always Been An Average Girl , She Has normal Life Till Her Bestfreind Tabby Uploads A Video Of Faith Singing Her Life Will No Longer Be Normal Because What She Doesnt Know She Got Signed On To Same Label As One Direction And When She Meets Her Crush Niall Horan She Is Excited But Then One Someone Else In The Band Starts To Fall For Will That Ruin Everything? Or Will It Cause Chaos?


3. Studio

  Faith's P.O.V

    Right now  im at the studio its so awkward i hate it its usually loud with the boys goofing around but today was different, harry didnt say Hi to me this morning he just looks at me with a sadness face it hurts me why..? Ugh but whatever its time for me to record my song uff just concentrate faith..."hmmm....i see you...im thinking bout you everyday and night i get butterflys inside me now i just cant hold the feeling that im...falling for you now..i cant take it anymore without you.." "Cut!  Faith its i cant take it anymore with the feeling of you" shit..."sorry josh" yunno what lets work on this next week okay you look stressed okay "okay see ya till then" fuck i screwed again third time again i cant get it right because of the austin, Harry, and Niall im just screwed like damn but im going to head to the hotel and relax and try to forget about this as im about to leave my phone rings its Austin i answer he says to meet him at the bruno cafe, so guess im not going to relax woo hoo...not. As i arrive i see Austin smile so adorable "so faith ive been wondering if you would like to be my girlfreind?" Shit i dont want to hurt him by saying no...and i dont want to lead him on if i said yes... "Umm austin thats really sweet but ill have to think about it okay?" He looks at me until saying "alright then talk to me when you know okay?" I nod and get up and head to the hotel. As i walk into the hotel i bump into niall and harry, great i thought  sarcasticly not my day, i look at niall, he looks down...harry looks at me and says "we saw you leave to go see Austin at Bruno's" i nod yes he said "oh wow you've been busy" woah wait, what? "Whats that suppose to mean" " it means that you and your little boyfreind go have fun while you ignore us." Uff wow thats nice " first of all hes not my Bf but maybe he should he asked me out a while back if you think im ignoring you, you have it all wrong buddy you ignored me this morning so stop assuming you little twat" i walk away to the elavator and close the doors before harry could get in uff he just got me so pissed i cant even process ugh!

   Harry's P.O.V

 Wow can't believe it i screwed up that wasnt the idea, fuck... She might be dating Austin soon cause of me, i have to make it up to her fast! Though before she agrees to dating Austin!but what should i get flowers no to old school, chocolate? Nah to lame ugh this gunna take forever dammit! "Niall whats Faith's favorite thing?" "Um..not sure? Why?" "No reason..." Dammit im clueless ill just old school apologizing .I walk up to the door of Faith's hotel room i knock and there she is in tears..shit i didnt mean to make her cry "what do you want..?" She says in hate "im here to apologize faith i didnt mean to say what i said in the lobby" she stares at me so i reacted in a way i never thought would happen...i kissed her right there i didnt care  but when i stop kissing her she looks to the left of the corridor and she looks at Niall in shock...she looks at me and closes the door i dont know what happned but i dont think its going to end well.

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