Her Smile

Faith Diamond Has Always Been An Average Girl , She Has normal Life Till Her Bestfreind Tabby Uploads A Video Of Faith Singing Her Life Will No Longer Be Normal Because What She Doesnt Know She Got Signed On To Same Label As One Direction And When She Meets Her Crush Niall Horan She Is Excited But Then One Someone Else In The Band Starts To Fall For Will That Ruin Everything? Or Will It Cause Chaos?


1. Him

     Faith's P.O.V

    As usual me and my freinds were fooling around making random videos my freind Tabby thought it will be a splended idea for me to Sing randomly on my bed so wich i did i started to sing 'I Love It'  "Your on a different road,im in the milkyway, you want me down on earth but i am up in space your so dam hard to please we gotta kill this switch, your from the 70's and im a 90's chick, I love it" as i finish my freinds Tabby and Chloe cheer for me and before i knew it Tabby uploaded it and i got discovered by the one and only Simon Cowell He Said that when i sign on to the record i had to be alone but i made a deal i sign it if my freinds can come i saw that he wasnt going to argue with me so he agreed i was excited, i cant believe out of all the people in the world i got discovered cant wait to start, but before i could go to my soundcheck right know 'He' walked in, the god of all gods Niall horan Was walking up to me i dont know what to say i should just say hello or hey ummm "Hey" he said i still struggled to speak so i said "sup" really 'sup' im an idiot beyond idiots sup really i dont want him to think i just wanna be freind god dammit Faith after 3 months i still cant talk to this boy "Faith Time for souncheck i here my manager say so i said to Niall "umm well gotta go talk to you later bro" Ahh again really i feel freindzoned......

       After soundcheck i went back to the Hotel and see Harry i walk up to him and say 'Hey' he smiles and says it back me and Harry Dont really have a problem talking to each other its rarely easy but why with niall i freeze like a popsicle Meh ill never know,so me and Harry talk all the way to my Hotel Room so i invite him for some lunch he agrees to stay, after we eat i go sit andwatch tv while he stares at me and finally say "Umm Faith Do You like anybody?" i freeze and stare at him i cant tell him i like Niall Or he'll Tell um ill just say yess "yeah i do", "who?" he asked dammit why Harry umm ill just tell him hes close to him " oh umm you dont him" well i tried yay.. not "oh okay but can i say something?" oh no he better not tell me he likes me cause then it will be so awkward me liking Niall,Harry liking me "yeah?" i ask quietly  he freezes and looks at me "Umm nvm you got some refreshments?" wait what i think to myself "umm yeah here ill get one for you lad" wonder what he wanted to tell me hmmm im really curious now oh stop it Faith always snooping haha "Hey Faith Do you have Marley&Me?" "Yeah i do want to watch it?" "of course i do!" Harry and me watched the movie but for some reason i didnt feel awkward like i feel around Niall when we watch movies could it be i like...Harry?...no it couldnt be i like Niall period.

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