Forever- Niall Horan Love Story

Becky just a normal girl with a normal life lived with her family including her best friend what happens when one day they decide to go to the mall and she meets the famous Irish boy from One Direction but has no clue who he is.


3. Who Is That...


"Becky, Becky, wake up " i hear someone say sounded like a girl oh well, then i hear another pair of footsteps come into the room "BECKY WAKE UP!!" they scream into my ear making me fall off my bed and landing right on the floor . I look up to see that Cynthia and Jake are cracking up. "ha ha so funny like u guys never fallen off a bed". soon they stop laughing and Cynthia was the first to say " breakfast is downstairs get ready and come down". Jake and Cynthia both left, i went to the bathroom and striped out of my pajamas i took a long shower then got out and dressed into this    i walked downstairs and sat down at the table were Cynthia was still eating "hey took  you long enough" She told me "well you do know this" i said gesturing to my body "doesnt happen by itself"." ok whatever just get something to eat cause we are going shopping today" "really yay, wait but what about Jake we cant leave him alone my mom isnt here" "he went to his friends house so it will be ok" i sat down and ate a some eggs, bacon, and some pancakes with a cup of orange juice. " dang girl im surprised u arent the size of a hippo right now" "shut up i love food" "i know u do u eat as much as Niall does and Niall eats a lot" i rolled my eye at her but i think she didnt notice cause she was to busy day dreaming about One Direction, so i got up and went to go wash my plate in the sink when i came back she was still sitting there at the table " hello, earth to Cynthia" i said waving my hand in her face she stopped daydreaming "oh sorry i was just u know imaging how it would feel like to meet them" " oh no here we go again" " it would be awesome i would probably be myself but in the inside i would be screaming and totally fangirling" "ok yea whatever  can we just like not talk about them" i said sitting on the couch "sure lets just watch TV" she sat on the mini couch while i searched for something to watch finally agreeing to How I Met Your Mother.

____________________3 hours later__________________


"ready"  "ya lets go" me and Cynthia were walking to to the car so we could go to the mall "im driving" "ok fine by me" we got in the car and she started to pull out i turned up the music trying to find a station then decided on putting 101.5 Oath by Cher Lloyd started we were dancing and singing loudly we even got a few looks from other car but i dont care  the Becky G part started and i rapped it with no problem. when it was over we had already pulled into the parking lot wow that was fast. when we stepped in the cool air hitting our faces it was pretty hot outside since it was Arizona. "so were to first" "how bout we go to Hollister". when we walked in we saw some thing were on sale but instead of buying things we messed around a bit and accidentally dropped one of the manikins "hey you girls get out of here before i call security" "ok cough* cough* snitch cough*" we started laughing hard once we were out. "hey im hungry lets go get something to eat" " why are you hungry we just barely got here and we haven't bought anything yet " "well sorry but my stomach is talking to me" "whats it saying" "its saying Cynthia better give me food before i eat her" "ok then lets go im to young to get eaten alive" we raced each other to the food court once we got there we ordered some pizza and drinks and sat there when we were eating Cynthia almost choked on her food "whats wrong are you ok" she stayed silent "tell me" she finally answered me "over there look whose over there " she said pointing a store across from us my mouth dropped open like one of those cartoon characters "is that ...........

AN: hello u guys this my first story so i dont know if it will be that good but comment what u think

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