Forever- Niall Horan Love Story

Becky just a normal girl with a normal life lived with her family including her best friend what happens when one day they decide to go to the mall and she meets the famous Irish boy from One Direction but has no clue who he is.


6. The Blonde Rapist :P


" omg I can't believe you met a guy !! Was he hot, do you like him, do you want th-" " hey hey calm down " I said cutting of Cynthia, I had just told her about what had happened at the mall and she was going crazy. " first he was hot and no, I don't like him, I just met him are you crazy oh and Im not even going to answer your last question" " but what if he likes you did you at least get his number, or a picture" " yupp I do have his number and no I don't have a picture of him and I doubt he would ever like someone like me" I said whispering the last part to myself  but I guess Cynthia had heard me " oh you are not going to start this im not beautiful shit, like calm on look at you Im so jealous you are so much prettier than me like shit you can be so stupid sometimes, do you know who you sound like right now, you sound like one of those blond bitches from when we were in 8th grade saying 'omg Im so fat and ugly no one likes me ' when really they were the popular girls that got all the cute boys ahhh you are so dumb" I was speechless when Cynthia finished it hurt a little I could feel tears threatening to come out but no for some reason I got really mad and the next I new I was yelling at Cynthia " IM STUPID SHUT UP CYNTHIA  HOW COULD YOU SAY THOSE THINGS TO ME, SOME BEST FRIEND YOU ARE, WHAT KIND OF PERSON YELLS AT SOMEONE WHO INSECURE INSTEAD OF COMFORTING THEM, AND NO IM NOT BEAUTIFUL IM UGLY WHY DO YOU THINK HE LEFT ME' after I had said that she was just standing there it made me even angrier so I simply said " get out of my house" she got up and walked out of my house not saying a word, I just wanted to be alone. I walked up my stairs and went into my room and fell onto my bed, I then noticed I had tears running down my cheeks, memories of me and HIM had came back. All of the times he would say I love you, but what hurt me the most was the break-up. But I don't want to talk about that now I have to forget about the past he's gone now. I wiped the fallen tears from my face and decided to get dressed for bed. I walked into the bathroom and stripped my clothes of ,i stepped into the shower and let the warm water hit me, it felt good i was finally relaxed i washed my hair and did the stuff that any normal person would do in a shower and stepped out. I wrapped myself in my towel that had little turtles designed on it, and went to go change into my clothes. I was brushing my teeth when i hear my phone screaming MESSAGE!! i rinse my mouth and quickly get my phone and when i saw who it was from a huge smile formed on my face

The Blonde Rapist

I laughed at what he had named himself remembering the reason why.


i just finished telling the boys what happened at the mall and they are teasing me about it "Niall has a girlfriend, Niall has a girlfriend" "shut your mouth Louis shes not my girlfriend i just met her" "Niall stop being so deNiall" Zayn had said which caused Louis to laugh and give him a high five."come on lads leave Nialler alone he just met the girl" "thanks Liam at least someone here is on my side" "so is this girl hot, whats she like" Harry told me "um shes cool, she has a good sense of humor and she can make me laugh, she has brown wavy hair, and has dimples that show when she smiles, and beautiful brown eyes" "so is she hot" Harry said once again, i frowned "yes,shes HOT" "well now we know why Niall here fancies her" Harry said patting me on the back and walking out of the bus to go talk about the rooms and sleeping arrangements with Paul "i dont fancy anyone" i said after Harry left "wait not even me i thought we were Niam" Liam said pretending to cry on Zayn's shoulder "its ok there is always Ziam" "no Zayn get away from my man, i love you Liam" i said jumping onto Liam's lap, he then put his arms around me "NIAM FOREVER" we both screamed, we both started to laugh and i got up and sat on the other side of him. I then started to wonder what that girl that girl from the mall was probably doing, im guessing shes probably is painting her nails or watching some kind of chick flick i dont know what girls do "ok lads Paul already got the rooms and he said its going to be me, Louis, Zayn in one and Niall,and Liam in the other" Harry said walking into the bus. I snapped out of it and got up to get my luggage and other stuff i might need and walked out of the bus.

_____Skips to room____________________________________________________________________

"Goodnight lads see you in the morning" i screamed to Louis, Harry, and Zayn from the door, they were just a couple doors down "Goodnight Daddy and Nialler" they yelled as i shut the door to mine and Liam's room we had already put are thing away and were getting ready for bed, i took my shirt of  put on some sweats i walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth to find Liam in there doing the same "hey Niall" "hey" " so that girl you met at the mall do you fancy her" oh now Liam is in it to " no I don't Liam I just barely met her" " but I saw the way you where thinking about her and how you described her, Niall I don't know who she is or how she looks but something tells me she would be good to you" wow Liam had just said all of that
but i cant help but think do i fancy her?
IT:Of course you do

shut up inner thought

IT:what its true you do fancy her

well i dont know why but there's something about her, when i talked to her i got butterflies in my stomach

IT:see you do fancy her keep going

and when i had spent those few minutes with her, i felt so happy like i can be myself around her

IT:yupp and what else

wait what am i saying

IT:dang it just come on admit you fancy her

no i dont, i just met her she doesnt know who i am and i dont even know her name she could be faking all of this for all i know, im going crazy i cant fancy her.

i was then interrupted by Liam saying my name "Niall, Niall you there" "oh sorry i was just thinking" "about the girl" "Liam i cant fancy her i dont even know her name and i dont know what kind of person she is, she could have been faking all that" "well Niall i dont know what to tell you but whatever you feel i just want you to be happy" he said as he finished and walked to his bed and turned on the telly "thanks Liam" "oh and Niall" "ya" "did you at least get her number" "oh yea how could i have forgotten" "well you should talk to her" "ok Liam"
I took out my phone and looked threw my contacts for a new name i havent seen before i then stopped at a funny looking name


That has to be her, i decide to text her and not call her since i would probably just freeze or stutter a lot

TO: SmexyDimples:
Hey there it me the blonde from the mall :P

i waited a few second and then she replied with

From: SmexyDimples:
Oh hey and like the name you put on here The Blonde Rapist lol :)

To: SmexyDimples:
hahaha same here SmexyDimples especially the fact that its true ;)

From: SmexyDimples:
lol yupp my dimples are quite attracted :P

To: SmexyDimples:
ha! indeed they are, so how has the rest of your day been?

From: SmexyDimples:
aghh awful i got in a huge fight with my BFF but i guess its better now :(

To: SmexyDimples:
oh that sucks hope you two are fine and why is it better now may i ask ;)

From: SmexyDimples:
thnx, and um i think it might be cuz a rapist has txted me. Wait naw thats not it it probably because i took a nice shower and am so relaxed right now

We both kept texting each other and telling jokes or a little bit about each other like her favorite color was green, she loves to play soccer (football), has a little brother, was born in Arizona which is here, Hispanic/Italian (which is probably why she couldn't  pronounce some word correctly). It was getting late and Liam had already fallen asleep and i was getting really tired so i guess i should call it a night

To: SmexyDimples:
Hey sorry but its getting kind of late i think im off to bed

From: SmexyDimples:
ya me too im pretty tired so txt you tomorrow :)

To: SmexyDimples:
sure, oh and before i forget you never told me your name, im Niall

From: SmexyDimples:
cool and my name is Rebecca but call me Becky. Goodnight Niall

with that i put my phone away and crawled under my blankets and fell asleep thinking about nothing else but


I put my phone on the table by my bed and fell peacefully asleep thinking none other than...


AN: Hey there peepz sorry it took me so long  kinda a sucky chapter but oh well. Um like, heart, or comment what u thought about this chapter or anything bye

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