Forever- Niall Horan Love Story

Becky just a normal girl with a normal life lived with her family including her best friend what happens when one day they decide to go to the mall and she meets the famous Irish boy from One Direction but has no clue who he is.


1. Rebecca Esparza



Hi my name is Rebecca but call me Becky

i am 18

from: Phoenix,Arizona

love animals and drawing

my best friend is Cynthia

movie: Hunger games (yay!!)

color: GREEN!!!

food: Everything!!!!!

siblings: 1 younger brother named Jake (12)

race: Hispanic/Italian(guess my dad was Italian)


well as you can tell im very happy with my life i live with my mother, brother, and Cynthia. Cynthia is really crazy some times but she could be shy she loves this band called One Direction and she says shes a Directioner i guess i dont really know cause im not really a huge fan.



Well i never really got to meet my father cause my mom left him when i was little she told me that he was a drunk and a bad man the only thing i have is a picture of him.But you know what i dont really care cause i have a nice life now. i guess.

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