Forever- Niall Horan Love Story

Becky just a normal girl with a normal life lived with her family including her best friend what happens when one day they decide to go to the mall and she meets the famous Irish boy from One Direction but has no clue who he is.


5. Rape?


" hey get out of this store immediately, your disturbing the customers" the manager yelled "fine whatever i never like this store anyways, I'm going to tell everyone that this store has bedbugs" i yelled back and ran out i was about to text Becky and tell her i got kicked out but then decided to leave her there and see how long it takes her to realize I'm not searching for her and got kicked out. I chose to just sit on the bench closest to the store but then i saw the most amazing thing ever a freaking churro cart i had like my own little happy dance and people passing buy probably thought i had a problem. ill come back I'm just going to go get a churro, like really who can resist a churro except u know people who don't like churros. Omg I'm such a weirdo I'm talking to myself about a churro, oh well i should go get one, i ran in the direction the cart was. its churro time


*Niall* (yay finally )

Me and the lads had just arrived in the back of a store or something ready to go into the mall (yay out anywhere we could have gone we went to a mall full of teenage girls) cause i was getting hungry and Louis was whining about how he needed a new pair of Toms cause Harry had spilt his soda on them. Zayn was also grumpy cause he had run out of hairspray and Louis had broken his mirror when he was having a tantrum.

"Do we all have to go the only people that need anything are you Louis and Zayn" Harry asked me "i guess you dont really have to go then just stay in here ill bring some pizza for all of us" "but i want tac-" Liam cut him  by saying "Harry dont you ever eat anything else other than that we've been eating tacos for like the past 3 days im sick of them" harry gasped "how could you ever be sick of tacos there delicious" "oh well sorry to say this Harry but im going with Liam on this one im bringing a pizza" "fine then" i walked out of the bus meeting an already Zayn and Louis "ready to go" Zayn asked me "yupp lets go" Louis started speed walking to the entrance but he looked weird they way he walked, me and Zayn started laughing  " you guys ok why are you laughing" "oh nothing just the fact that when you speed walk you look like you have to take a massive duce " Zayn had tears in his eyes from laughing so much "Be quiet i don't look like that when im speed walking never mind what ever im just trying to get my Toms then go to the bus and head to the hotel" " k whatever " as we walked into the mall the boys ran to go find their stuff "ya leave me alone" i walked around not paying attention when all of a sudden i heard a scream "OMG ITS NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION" oh great i forgot to where my glasses and hat "shit" i whispered to myself i looked around hoping to find just a few of girls but no i was wrong i was surrounded by a massive group of girls i did the only thing i could do i ran, i ran for a long tome until i came to a Macy's and decided to hide in there i hid in a clothes rack.

It had been what seemed like a long time and i was about to make a run for it when out of nowhere a girl came into the clothes rack where i was hiding and gasped but right before she could scream i covered her mouth with my hand she tried to scream but they where blocked by my hand  i quietly whispered in her ear "shh stop screaming ill give you my autograph if you just be quiet" the girl just kept on trying to scream i then felt something really hard on my hand "ouch you bit my hand" i whispered screamed as i let go of the girl the next thing i know the girl is running around yelling out "RAPE! RAPE!!!" what is this girl talking about i wasnt going to rape her.I crawled out of the clothes rack and was met with 2 big security guards and the girl "hes the one he tryed to kidnap me" "i wasnt trying to kidn-" "save it son your in big trouble just follow me " "ok whatever" me and the girl followed the guards, i then noticed what the girl looked like she was gorgeo- wait what am i saying i dont even know her and im starting to like her no Niall you cant like her i then turned around and kept walking right before she turned around.



Do you ever get the feeling that someone is looking at you, well that is the feeling i was getting i could feel that  guy watching me as we followed the guard i turned around  but he had stopped staring at me and looked forward i blushed a little. We finally got to the place and the guard took us into a room and said "you kids stay in here ill be back in a bit" ya leave me in a room alone with a guy that tried to kidnap me he looks really familiar though but oh well he tried to kidnap me like really im ok whatever (see the sarcasm). After the guard had left the room fell into an awkward silence and out of know where i blurted out "why did you try to kidnapped me" "i didnt try to kidnap you " oh so he has an accent it sounds familiar where have i heard it from oh well ill figure it out later"ya then why were your huge hands covering my mouth" "hey my hands are not huge and i was just trying to stop you from screaming" "and why would i even scream" "oh um be-because you would have gone scared" "and so what if i did get scared most people would just let the person scream" "um well i-i was hi-hiding from a girl" "ok i guess your right just next time a girl goes into the same clothes rack dont put your huge hand over their mouth oh and sorry about the whole screaming rape thing" "no its fine i probly would have done the same thing well if i was a girl cause im a guy i could you know defend myself" i giggled a bit and smiled "ok ya sure" he just blushed the guard had come back and we told him what had happened and he said it was ok and we could go.We were both standing outside of the room "that was fun i think" "ya it was hope we get to see each other again" "um so you im mean um can i get your number" he said blushing oh he it so cute when he blus- wait what stop it Becky just pay attention "uh sure here hand me your phone" i said while handing him my phone as well i put in my number under SmexyDimples he passed me my phone and i gave him back his "so see you later i got to go look for my friend" "sure text you sometime" we both walked away.

I had been walking around for what seemed like ages and i couldn't find Cynthia anywhere were could she be i thought to myself then i saw a churro cart oh i know where shes at. I walked to the cart and behind it there she was sitting on a bench eating like a pig she looked up at me and widened her eyes "were have you been ive been looking for you" "i've been here the whole time it your fault you didn't check here the first time" she said all sassy "well why did you leave me in the store" "ok well i had gotten kicked out and was really going to text you but i saw the churro chart and me being me had to get one oh and that remind me here i saved one for you" she said handing me a churro "well thank you and i guess i forgive you but lets go home cause i got some really good stuff to tell you" "oh ok lets go then" so me and Cynthia grabbed our stuff and headed to the exit.


"WHERE COULD HE BE" i was getting worried Niall had been gone for a long time "calm down mate hes ok i know he is" Louis had told me "HOW COULD YOU BE SURE HES BEEN GONE FOR A BLOODY LONG TIME" "dont you raise you voice at me im just trying to help" Louis said, i guess i was over thinking this he probly is fine thats when i heard a door opean and close followed by "LADS IM HERE AND I BROUGHT FOOD" I ran to the front of the bus to see Niall putting down two large boxes of pizza, i ran to him and tackled him hugging him with all my might "ok ive missed you to Liam but please i cant breath" i instantly let go and stood up then helped Niall up "where have you been ive been so worried" "finally Niall your here this guy right here couldnt sit down he was so worried" Zayn said walking into the room with the boys trailing behind him "well at least i know someone here loves me"  "aww Nialler we all love you" they all said "ok well eat up i brought you guys food like i promised you" "yea like a long time ago" i heard Louis say "hey stop being sassy oh and i got some stuff to tell you guys which is the reason i was late" Niall said so we all went to go sit on the couch as Niall started to tell us what had happened im just glad nothing bad happened to him.

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