Forever- Niall Horan Love Story

Becky just a normal girl with a normal life lived with her family including her best friend what happens when one day they decide to go to the mall and she meets the famous Irish boy from One Direction but has no clue who he is.


4. Oh Brother



Me and Becky had just sat down i was eating my food when i took a look at the store across from us when i saw him i nearly choked " whats wrong are you ok" i heard Becky say i just stayed silent "tell me" she said i finally told her "over there look whose over there" i said pointing to the store she slowly turned around to see what i was talking about when she noticed her jaw hit the floor she was as surprised as i was "is that.....Jake" she said i just nodded the thing is Jake wasnt by himself he was with this girl who looked to be older than him by like 2 year, they were making out it was disgusting but i was surprised cause Jake has never had a girlfriend before when."omg my brother is kissing that girl" "no you think so" "no i know so" she said  "whatever let get closer" "but isnt that spying" " please when was the last time Jake had a girlfriend" "your right lets go" we both casually walked to the bench that was outside of the store me and Becky both put on our sunglasses and hats that we borrower from a stand next to us. thats when i turn around and find that Becky is eating a piece of pizza "were did you get that" "we bought it " "i thought we left our food at the table" "im not just going to leave my food at the table its like your dont know me" i just rolled my eyes at my hungry friend then started to listen to what Jake and the girl were talking about "bye love you to Jake" was all i could hear. the girl walked away and Jake left probably to go back to his friends house. But the thing is i didnt know why but i didnt trust that girl for some reason, i looked at Becky and i knew she was thinking the same thing, we took off our sunglasses and gave the hats back we wouldnt be needing them since the girl didnt know who we were. we started to follow her as she went into this cafe. we were surprised when she sat by this other boy bout the same age and kissed him in the mouth!!


 She Kissed him in the Mouth!! this girls who was just making out with my brother was already kissing another boy. "shes cheating on my brother" i turned around to see Cynthia "that little bitch, (sorry for the language) im going to show her a lesson" she said about to get up but i pulled her back down "we need to tell Jake and you cant beat her up shes way younger that you are" "your right but how are we suppose to tell Jake, Hey i was spying on you at the mall then followed that girl you were with and she is cheating on you," " no ill text him" "well Becky i dont know bout you but i dont think he will believe us" "well then we shall take a picture of his girlfriend and send it to him so we have proof even though he would probably be mad at us for spying on them" i took my phone out and snapped a picture of them kissing then sent it to Jake "hopefully hes gets it"


    i was walking back to my friends house when i got a text from Becky

to: JakeUrBro
From: UrSistaBecky
hey thought you should see this:


 there in that pic was my girlfriend kissing another guy. i was mad. But for some reason i wasnt sad i was just angry that someone could cheat on me so i just let it go ill just break up with her. thats all.

thank you

We Are Done

i then deleted her number.


      i felt my phone vibrate telling me i had a message it was from Jake. Cynthia came closer to look "what did he say" i showed her the text "thank you" we both said then looked up to see the girl had looked at her phone and was angry "thats my brother" i said.

Me and Cynthia both said we should just start shopping now so we went to Aeropostale we bought a coupe things then decided to go into another store me and Cynthia both decided to play hide-n-seek we played for a while without getting caught then it was my turn to hide i hid in this clothes rack  i hid there then i gasped as i felt a hand go over my mouth.

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