Dreams Come True

Three Girls who go to The One Direction in Sydney, But not only they watch them, Something amazing happens to all of the girls. Dreams do come true..


12. Chapter 9. Off Stage

Ally's P.O.V

Me and Niall are actually together!! But... What happens when he has to leave? Am I going to go with him or are we going to... I hate this word...split? I better ask him..

Ally: Um... Niall?

Niall: Yeah?

Ally: What happens when...um... you have to leave?

Niall: You're coming with me.

Ally: Really? 

Niall: Yeah! If I'm away from you...I'll be nothing...Just plain old Niall. I need you Ally. By the way, our name Nally, hehe.

Ally: Hahaha. That sounds great! 

Niall: So, you're gonna come?

Ally: Yeah.

Niall kissed me. He brought me to life again! 

Niall: I love you, Ally! 

Ally: I love you too, Niall!

Niall: I'm so happy you said that!! 

He's happy I said that? I am happy that he said that! This is amazing! 


Summer's P.O.V

So we are going on tour with our boys... Wow! I'm so happy! There is so many words that I can describe how I feel right now. Happy, Amazed, joyful, excited...So many! I love Liam so much! 

Liam: If you weren't holding my hand right now, I'd float away! *smiles*

Summer: Aww!

Liam: I love you Summer!

Summer: I love you, Liam!

Liam: No, I love you!

Summer: Are we going to war?

Liam: Yes we are! I love you more!

Summer: We'll see about that!

He kissed me! His hands on my waist, his tender kiss lightly pressing against my lips. I'm 5'5 so he had to look down when he talked to me and kissed me, which was even better! He's 5'10. 


Nikki's P.O.V 

Me and Harry are the perfect match I swear! When he kisses me he has to to put his head down. It's amazing! He says the sweetest things too! 

Harry: You are so amazing.

Nikki: Aww.

Harry: Maybe even perfect!

Nikki: Aww!

He kissed me. Full on kissed me!! 

Harry: I love you!

Nikki: *high pitch* I love you too!

Harry: Cutie!



Niall's P.O.V

I finally said it to her! I love you! I didn't chicken out! Ally is my world! She is so perfect! Everything about her makes me smile! I find her lips, so kissable. And her kiss, unmissable. Her finger tips so touchable and her eyes irresistible! She is amazing!


Liam's P.O.V

She's on my mind all the time! I can't stop thinking about her. Her blonde hair, how it falls on her shoulders. Her eyes, how they shine in the light. Her lips, how they pout when she's confused or angry. She is just amazing! I love her so much! Summer, you're my everything! 


Harry's P.O.V

Nikki Clark. She's Gorgeous. Every time I think of her I smile, Every time I kiss her she lights up world! She's friggen amazing! No one is going to hurt her as long as I'm around... I love her so much! She's my world! 


Louis's P.O.V

Well, the boys seem happy. Got them selves lovely young ladies. I've got my El. I love her so much! She is amazing. The girls seem pretty calm for directioners or should I say CRAZY MOFOS! haha.  No they are really nice. Ally can sing really good and Nikki she's got a really nice smile and Summer, her hair is as bright as the sun!! But they are really kind and very fun to hang with.


Zayn's P.O.V

The girls are really nice. I'm glad my boys are happy, Narry, Lummer and Nally. Or, Hikki (hahaha) or Siam. Hahaha! This is to funny! I think they would prefer Narry and Lummer. They are really fun, Ally has got a really amazing voice, Perrie likes her I think.


Perrie's P.O.V

Yeah, I really like the girls. Ally has an amazing voice, very unique. I love it! She is so funny and Nikki she has a beautiful smile. One of those smiles where they make you smile and Summer jeez her hair. haha. They are nice! 


Eleanor's P.O.V

They are super nice! I think we will be really good friends in no time! Ally's voice is really good. She'll be noticed fast! They are all gorgeous, Models really! Beautiful! I like them, I really do. They are normal and not on the floor passed out over the boys. 



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