Dreams Come True

Three Girls who go to The One Direction in Sydney, But not only they watch them, Something amazing happens to all of the girls. Dreams do come true..


9. Chapter 6. The Boys and The Girls

Summer's P.O.V

Liam's face is so beautiful. I want to wake up next to him every morning. I want to feel his soft lips pressing against my forehead. I want to look in to his eyes and for him to say 'i love you'. This would be the amazing! I love him so much! 

Liam: Summer?

Summer: Yeah?

Liam: You are a really nice girl. You're funny and pretty I must say. 

Summer: Aww. Thank you Liam. Can I just say? I have loved you ever since you boys formed. I always looked you up on the internet, watched videos of you on youtube... really I'm crazy about you.

Liam: Well...That's kind of what I'm trying to say to you. I like you, Summer. You're so nice and you didn't faint! 

Summer: Haha, Wow! I can't believe you just said that!

Liam: Haha.


Nikki's P.O.V 

Harry had his arm around me and we were joking around about stuff, He is so soft. When you're in his arms, it feels like no one can touch you. You feel like you are invisible to all the bad people out there and that no one can hurt except him, if he squeezes you to tight.

Harry: You are so kind.

Nikki: Thank you! So are you!

Harry: Hehe, Thank you. I like you, you're different from other directioners.

Nikki: Really?

Harry:Yeah the other ones are all fainting and that. *girly voice* 'Oh My God! Harry I'm gonna throw a tampon at you'...That's disturbing..

Nikki: Eww! Yes it is!

Harry: Ahaha! See you think it is too!

Nikki: haha


Ally's P.O.V

Me and Niall had the cutest conversation about food. He makes me laugh sometimes. Niall Horan is as bright and as beautiful as the sun...hotter than the sun! When he looks at me he smiles...Oh, his smile! It's adorable! 

Ally: You're so adorable!

Niall: Stop talking about yourself, Alz!

Ally: Aww. You called me by my nickname.

Niall: Hah. You are one amazing girl, you know that?

Ally: No I didn't know that. Always thought of myself as just...eww.

Niall: Well you shouldn't, because you're beautiful.

Ally: Wow! You called me Beautiful! OMG!

Niall: Well I need to express the way I think of you don't I? haha

Ally: Wow!

Person: Boys, On stage in five. 

Boys: Yep! 

Niall: You can come on with me if you'd like? 

Ally: Oh No...I'd be a distraction.

Niall: No You wouldn't! Please, Come on with me?

Ally: Alright, Only if the girls come on though.

Niall: Yeah for sure. Hang On I just need to talk to the guys. 

Ally: Okay.


Niall's P.O.V

Wow! Ally is so pretty! So nice too! I want to express how I feel, but I don't know how...Wait...Got a plan.

Niall: Guys, can I talk to you for a minute? alone?

Boys: Yeah.

Niall: Okay... See ya in a minute girls... I really like Ally!

Harry: I really like Nikki.

Liam: I think I love, Summer! 

Niall: Okay Great! I was thinking, they could come on stage with us and when we sing Little Things...I was gonna ask Ally...something really important.

Liam: Will you Marry me?

Niall: No, To be my girlfriend. Are you an idiot...Maybe later though haha.

Harry: We could all ask them. I'll ask Nikki, Liam, You ask Summer and Niall you ask Ally! 

Niall: Okay Great! 

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