Dreams Come True

Three Girls who go to The One Direction in Sydney, But not only they watch them, Something amazing happens to all of the girls. Dreams do come true..


8. Chapter 5. Meeting The Boys

Summer's P.O.V

We are heading for the concert, In Ally's car. She has a really nice convertible! it's black with purple lining. The seats are leather and they are purple! Purple is mine and Ally's favourite colour! Nikki's is blue. 






These girls are awesome! I love them so much! But Liam, I love you way more! You are so beautiful! I love your smile! I love your voice!


Nikki's P.O.V

We are like 10 minutes away from where the concert is being held. Yay! Sydney is beautiful! But heaps of people!! There is directioners everywhere! I can't wait until I see Harry! Him singing along with the boys and him smiling with his gorgeous dimples showing! I love him so much! 

Ally: Niall...Liam...Harry are ours bitches! 

Nikki: Harry is mine!

Summer: Liam is mine!

Ally: And Niall is mine! Mwahaha!

Summer: You are so crazy!

Ally: HEY! You said you loved that about me!

Summer: Who said I don't anymore?

Nikki: haha!


Ally's P.O.V

We are here! Yay! Niall, You are absolutely adorable! I want you to rip your shirt off on stage! And then say 'I love Ally McConnell'...if he did I would faint or scream or something! Imagine if he actually did say that, I would be so amazed! I'm imagining that right now and how I would react. I can't be too girly! I need to be...cool and smooth! 


Ally: We're finally here! I just need to park!


Nikki: DO THE HAPPY DANCE! *dancing weirdly*

We all join in!

Ally: And pelvic thrust! Bow-wow

Nikki: And elbows! Da-na-na!

Summer: And row the boat bitches! Ba-ba-ba!

God I love these girls! We get out, and try and find the entry and then I spot someone familiar.

Ally: Hey Guys, Is that... Is that Louis? 


Ally: There?

Summer: LOUIS?

He looked at us, it was him, he got shocked and started stepping back.

Ally: Oh My God! We're not gonna rape you! 

We start walking over to him.

Louis: Hi Girls. How are we all tonight? ready for the concert?

All: Yes! 

Ally: Where's the rest of the gang?

Louis: They are inside. What are your names?

Ally: I'm Ally, This is Nikki.

Nikki: Hey! 

Ally: And this is Summer.

Summer: Hey! Holy Shit, That is Louis Tomlinson right? I'm not dreaming?

Louis: Hahaha. Why are you here so early?

Nikki: We wanted to get front row.

Ally: Yeah, So we could get a great view of you all!

Louis: Why have the front row when you can have these?

He hands us backstage passes!


Louis: You actually think, Louis Tomlinson, would joke about backstage passes? 

Nikki: She's just being a retard! Wow! Can you sign our snapbacks? 

Louis: Of course! 

He signed Nikki's, Then Summer's and then mine! Wow!

Ally: Thank You SO much! Wow! 

Louis: You're welcome! Go inside and see the boys before the show, They love all the attention they get.

Nikki: Harry's inside, yeah?

Louis: All of them are in there.

Ally: My chance to meet Niall! Let's go hoes! 


Summer's P.O.V

OMG! Louis Tomlinson just gave us backstage passes! Oh My God! Aaaaaah! He signed our hats, that is amazing! Now, Time to meet My husband! haha!

We walked through a gate and through it was a pathway. We followed that and came to two security guards and they asked us to stop. We showed them our passes and they let us through! Wow! Backstage is pretty cool! Except for the cords that are everywhere, I'm surprised someone hasn't tripped over, or maybe they have. I don't know. We are standing there eyes wide open amazed at what we are seeing right now and someone taps me on the shoulder. IT WAS ZAYN! 

Zayn: Vas Happenin Girls?

All: WOW!

Ally: Oh My God! it's DJ Malik! Sign our hats please?

Zayn: Sure!

He signed them!

Zayn: Who gave you the passes?

Nikki: Louis.

Zayn: Thought so! He is always giving them out, loves the attention he does! 

Summer: I'm sure he does! haha

Liam: Woah! Hello! 

Summer: Oh My God! It's.. It's... LIAM!!!! 

I Jumped to him and gave him a hug! You could see Liam liked that hug, because he was smiling and his cheeks went red! 

Summer: I'm...Um... I'm Summer and I.. I love you! 

Liam: Wow! Hi Summer! Well... I love all my fans! 

Summer: Wow... I can't believe you're standing in front of me right now! Oh My God!

Liam: Haha

Summer: I'm sorry if I'm going crazy.

Liam: You're actually calmer then the other ones! They faint!

Summer: I can do that! That's if you want me to?

Liam: NO! I like it just like this.

Summer: Okay! 

So I got my wish, to meet Liam Payne. My wish came true..Wow! 


Nikki's P.O.V

Where is Harry? We just left Zayn, He went back to Perrie! Summer is with Liam, They are having a cute convo, you can here them giggling and her flirting. She's happy! Wait... I just seen someone with curly hair...HARRY!

Nikki: HARRY!

Harry: Wha-- Wow..

Nikki: H-Hi... I'm Nikki...And Um... Wow! 

Harry: Wow indeed! 

Nikki: You are so amazing! 

Harry: Stop talking about yourself, Nikki! hehe

Nikki: OH MY GOD!! Wait what? 

Harry: You're very pretty.

Nikki: You did not just say that?

Harry: Oh I just did!

His accent is so cute! His dimples when he smiles... Oh wow... he's gorgeous!! So me and him are walking together talking, so is Liam and Summer... Poor Ally, hasn't met Niall yet!


Ally's P.O.V

Summer's and Nikki's wish came true! But mine hasn't yet... Hmm.

Ally: Where's Niall?

Liam: Um... not sure actually. Harry?

Harry: Um, Yeah... I believe I seen him behind a girl who loves him very very much.

Ally: Well I love him more!

Nikki: Um.. Alz... *whispers* he's behind you.

Ally: Really? So if I turn around I--

Niall: You'll see you're future husband? Yeah. 

I turn around and see this amazing guy standing in front of me. Blonde silky hair, bright blue eyes and his lips as luscious as a strawberry dipped in chocolate!

Ally: Oh...My...God! 

Niall: And you are?

Ally: Um... I'm Ally.

Niall: Pleasure to meet you, Ally.

Ally: Pleasure is all mine, Niall. Wow!

Niall: Yes wow! So guys where are we heading? Does it involve food? 

Harry: It might, if El gets back with the food!

Liam: Yeah!

Ally: You shouldn't really eat before you sing..

Niall: What? Why? 

Ally: Um.. Because you could burp into the microphone and you'd make a complete fool of yourself. haha

Niall: Wow...Didn't know that. Lucky it hasn't happened yet. How do you know this?

Ally: Uh--

Nikki: She's a singer, just like you, except not well-known.

Harry: Really? 

Ally: Yeah..

Niall: Sing for us then.

Ally: You have a show in like half an hour.

Niall: Yeah, plenty of time. C'mon we'll go get a seat and then you can sing for us, eh?

Summer: Yes, She would love to, wouldn't you Alz?

Ally: I guess, I mean, you are the love of my life. 

Niall: Aww, That's so sweet. Let's go.

He put his arm around me and walked me to a seat and pulled it out for me.

Niall: Okay Now, Sing?

Ally: Uh...Um... #You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right darlin' but I want you to. If I let you kn-o-ow I'm here for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I...Love you.

Niall: Holy Shit you're good!

Ally: Really?

Niall: YES! Amazing!

Harry: That was beautiful!

Liam: That was really good!

Ally: WOW! 

So I sang for them. They thought I was good... That's a great feeling! To be told by someone really famous that I am a good singer is absolutely wonderful!


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