True Loves First Kill

Haley is your average 18 year old girl, her life seems perfectly normal until ,Matt, her former best friend returns for revenge. Charlie and Tiffany are her current best friends and go to school with her at St Divines.
But there is one secret Charlie is keeping from Haley...
Something he cant tell anyone...


9. No stopping...

As the final bell rang I packed my stuff and ran out the door and just as I thought that I could escape this hell hole, go home to my room and let it all out in my diary, what I saw, how I felt, everything, but before I could leave someone grabbed my arm, and without looking I knew it was Charlie because of his soft delicate hands.


"Haley please, let me explain" he pleaded.

"There's nothing to explain Charlie I get it okay? I just wish u would have told me." I look at him, his eyes begging for forgiveness that I couldn't give right now. I tried to escape his tight grip but no matter how much I tugged and pulled he wouldn't let go.

"Please Hay"

I let go looking at him one last time before walking quickly but swiftly through the crowd of students. I ran out the gates my tears rushing out before I could hold them in any longer I wiped my eyes so I mum didn't know I was crying but it was no use it was like a never ending waterfall. Thank fully when I got home I couldn't see mums car in sight which means she must've had another late conference at work and dad doesn't come home until late when he has to pick up Grace from my Nan's. I ran up to my room pulled my diary out from under my bed and grabbed a pen, I began writing everything how I felt how broken, torn… hurt.

Dear Diary 3/4/13

Today was like no ordinary day.

Today I’m heartbroken.

How could Charlie do this to me?!?! I thought he was my best friend!!! I thought he was my boyfriend!!! I thought he actually cared about my feelings!!!  But hey what do I know? When people used to ask me why I hadn’t had my first kiss yet when I was already eighteen I replied saying that I was waiting for the right guy to share the special moment with, and although that was true it wasn’t only that. I was scared. Scared to have my heart broken. Scared to turn into a mess. Scared to be what I am now… hurt. And by Charlie of all people?! He was the last person I ever expected to hurt me.

When I look at all of those little notes he sent me in class it only hurts me even more. But the sad thing is that through all this, through all the pain I’m in I miss him. I STILL want him back but no I don’t want the backstabbing ‘I love Paige’ Charlie I want the selfless caring Charlie, MY Charlie. But I couldn’t help but wonder, maybe it wasn’t him, maybe it’s me. Like I can’t blame him for going for a more beautiful confident girl. I don’t even understand why he is even my friend, why would anyone want to be friends with me. I don’t even know what to do anymore, first Matt now this? But maybe it wasn’t Charlie but Paige, cause I did see him push her away but they still kissed. I’m hurt and torn but I just want to be cuddled up in Charlies soft arms held and never let go. Maybe I should lay off him for a bit and cut him some slack. I have to many questions and thoughts running through my head.

Ill text him now.

Haley Cove x

I tucked my diary back under my bed behind an old box so no one could find it and grabbed my phone from my bag and turned it on. I pulled the cover over my head and tucked my knees to my chest knowing how worried Charlie probably is. Once my phone turns on it doesn’t stop beeping. I have thirteen missed calls and twelve messages from Charlie, all saying the same thing.

‘Hay please pick up.’

‘Hay I’m so sorry, it’s not what it looks like.’

‘Haley just give me a chance to explain please… please.’ All except one that brought the tears back to my eyes.

Forgiveness is the final form of love.’

I can’t talk to him right now. I can’t see him. All I am going to do is text him and I know the perfect way to wrap it up.

“The sweetest part of being a couple is sharing your life with someone else. But my life, evidently, has not been good enough to share.”

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