True Loves First Kill

Haley is your average 18 year old girl, her life seems perfectly normal until ,Matt, her former best friend returns for revenge. Charlie and Tiffany are her current best friends and go to school with her at St Divines.
But there is one secret Charlie is keeping from Haley...
Something he cant tell anyone...


4. Home...

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at Haley? That’s not funny! I thought you died! And Charlie too! At first I thought you two had gone off together somewhere to make out, we all knew that was coming, but when you didn’t come back I got worried and called you and MATT picked up Haley…MATT! So I freaked out and hung up and didn’t ring again but I’m going to shoot you next time I see you!” was all I heard from Tiffany for about three hours, I couldn’t believe her so I just hung up half way through the conversation, not waiting to hear her different plans on how to kill me. She didn’t know how close I had been to death, if she had, I doubt she would be throwing around the phrase “I’m going to kill you!” around so lightly. When I get dropped off in front of my house all I could see were the police cars and their sirens could be heard from a mile away, what looks like half the neighbourhood is gathered in the drive way and I can see mum and dad talking to an officer, mum has tears running down her face and dad is trying to calm her down tiffany is in the corner her face red from balling her eyes out but she looks like she has calmed down when I called her. I couldn’t believe they went to all this trouble to look for me then again I have been missing for two days. I looked mum up and down and could see the worry inside of her I sprinted up to her “Mum!” I shouted as I ran, she looked at me like she hadn’t seen me in three weeks.

“Haley? Haley!” she questioned at first then ran at me the fastest I had ever seen her run in my seventeen years with her. She hugged me so tight that I felt like I couldn’t breathe then from behind her I could see dad’s eyes tearing up, I hadn’t ever seen him cry and to see tears roll from his eyes made my eyes well up again, he walked towards me and gave me a cuddle as I heard the cry that I could recognise from a mile away. I let go of my parents and walked over towards Tiffany and sat next to her on the bench.

“I was worried about you…” she spoke as I sat down, “I didn’t know where you went after the party and when I couldn’t find you I got anxious and when I couldn’t find Charlie I thought you two had just gone off together but I couldn’t find you and you normally you would tell me If anything was going on between you and Charlie so I called your parents who waited another half an hour then called the police and when I tried calling you a few hundred times in a row it closed straightaway and I started worrying I tried telling myself your phone died or you had no reception but I couldn’t calm down and when I called you and It finally started ringing I heard Matt’s voice, that’s right the voice I never wanted to hear or think about ever again in my life since three years ago.” She spoke so fast I could just make out what she was saying and the fact that she was sobbing wasn’t helping, I gave her one of those everything is okay now hugs and started speaking

“I know you were worried, I was too… the whole time I was gone I remembered memories of us and my family the good and bad and just remembered all the past. My phone had gotten lost in the van and when Charlie saved me I had to use his phone and…” she interrupted and looked up at me

“Van? Charlie saved you? How? Where? What happened?”

I told her all about how Matt had grabbed me and pulled me in the van, I told her how he tied me onto a chair and was a few seconds close to stabbing a knife through me because he thought I killed his dad and how I was carried away by someone I thought was a stranger, how I got tingles when I saw Charlie’s face, how he froze to help my arm heal, the fact that I felt protected and safe in his arms at night and somehow woke up snuggled against him and most of all how after Charlie rescued me I felt happy the whole time, I couldn’t think of a better person to be my knight in shining armour but the thing is…I never thought of him this way I never imagined him, Charlie Cambel, my best friend to make me feel those tingles or make me feel so secure.

“I’ll tell mum, dad and the cops, can you just please make sure Charlie doesn’t leave, I asked Tiffany.

“Sure” she said with a wink as she walked off.

I told the police and my parents everything I told tiffany except about how I felt about Charlie because I’m sure they wouldn’t have been very interested in that. I spent half an hour by then and they took a description of Matt he asked where the suspects’ location of “unsuccessful murder” was and what my number was since my phone was with him.

Charlie's parents were standing beside mine talking about how they couldn't believe what had happened and they don't know what they would have done without us. I walked over towards my hero and covered my hands on his eyes from behind,

"Who's that?" He said walking in circles with me behind his back so he couldn't see me, "Haley?" I didn't reply but I couldn't help giggling under my breath, he grabbed my hands and turned me around to face him his eyes looked deep into mine and I couldn't seem to look away once, the thing about him is that once you look at him you get lost in his eyes like nothing else in the world matters to you except him. He locked his hand into mine and walked me over to the little swing around the corner of my house we both sat down with silence between us,

"Thank you" I whispered looking down at the floor "Thank you for everything for rescuing me, for risking your life for mine and for protecting me I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you."

I slowly pushed the swing back and forth with my legs softly.

"It was nothing..."

"Nothing?" Today would have been my last day on earth if it wasn't thanks to you"

"You’re my best friend... I would do that all again to know just to know that you’re safe... And to spend it with you was what the best part of all. I don't mean that as in I want you to go through that again I just mean I liked spending time with you, wait not when you were in danger just when..."

I giggled his cheeks were flushing pink as he lifted my chin up with his warm palms. I had fallen into the spell of his beautiful entrancing brown eyes, the ones that shone in the sunlight with his wavy locks swinging back and forth in the wind, I couldn't look away, I had fallen and couldn't get back up. He lent in and put his lips on mine, this was it my first kiss and the most amazing one I could dream of I let out a quiet moan and kissed back his lips were soft and the touch made tingles go up my spine, but was this right? He is my best friend...did I want to ruin what we have? I pulled back and looked down but heard him swear under his breath,

"I'm sorry" he whispered as tears began to fill my eyes.


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