True Loves First Kill

Haley is your average 18 year old girl, her life seems perfectly normal until ,Matt, her former best friend returns for revenge. Charlie and Tiffany are her current best friends and go to school with her at St Divines.
But there is one secret Charlie is keeping from Haley...
Something he cant tell anyone...


12. Author's opinion?

Hey guys,

1) I just wanted to say thank you all SO much for the reads, I didn't think it would get that many reads and all but thank you all it really means so much to me :)

2) it would also mean a lot to me if you could maybe comment? I know its a hassle and I'm so sorry but your opinion really matters to me :) 

3) and finally I was thinking of adding a picture for each chapter just to give you a bit of perspective on the story and all. Please tell me what you think and should I do it? Comment your opinion.

Thanks all so much again I know I may sound needy and desperate and sorry for the hassle but it means so much to me haha tell me what you think with the pic idea :)

P.S shall update soon sorry for the long waits :) x

From Elaria :)

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