Another love story (Benjamin Lasnier)

Hi my name is Aly Brown I'm 13 I have light brown hair and honey coloured eyes and light tan skin and I'm 5'0 so there's this new boy in school benjamin and when he comes into to aly's life will there be romance or trouble read and find out in another love story ps please read is a really good story if I say so my self ;)


4. Chapter 4

                    *recap of end of chapter 3*

Aly pov: I keep on walking faster till he catches up with me.

*****A/N: sorry it will be a little inappropriate so if your young dont read!!!!*****

Aly pov: "aly wait up!" Benjamin yells, and I walk faster till he catches up with me. He pulls my arm and pulls my body against the wall while holding my wrist tightly so I don't move, then he starts leaning in close to me, closer and closer, now we were only an inch apart, he then closes the space by pressing his lips against mine and we both close our eyes, I don't move my lips but he does, then he licks my lips asking for entrance but I don't let him in then he squeezes my wrist harder and I moan in pain. He did that because I won't let him French kiss me. 

He kisses me again while squeezing my wrist harder then the first time, I open my mouth because my wrist hurt so much and I'm pretty sure it will leave a mark. After I open my mouth he slips his tongue in.

I feel so violated right now!!!! I thought , I just want him off of me.

Then I start crying and he smiles because he knows I'm crying, he moves him lips down to my chin, then my jaw line, then my neck. Ugh why do teachers let him do this?!? I hate this stupid school now, and of course it's my free period so I don't half to do anything and there's no one in the hall. Benjamin finally stop kissing me and drags me down the hall to the boys bathroom. " no please stop" I yell I between tears, and he just smiles at me again and pulls me into one of the big handicap stalls. When he closes the door he slams my body against the wall, and starts



pulling off my grey hearted sweater and he leaves me in my  bra and skinny jeans. "Take your jeans off now bitch!" He yells at me and I do what he says while taking my light blue converse off to.

i started silently crying even more because I now know what he's going to do he smiles again. " I hate you!!!!!" I yell, and he just smiles and comes up to me and wraps his arms around my waist and starts kissing my neck again, and biting my skin leaving marks. Then he puts his arms to the top of my back and unhooked my hott pink lace (with rhinestones) Victoria's Secret bra( aly's boobs are 34b) revealing my boobs and I cover them with my arms, and he pulls my arms down and starts massaging my boobs with his hands then kissing them. " keg Elster dig" ( I love you in Danish) he says "jeg hader dig" ( I hate you in Danish) I say " jeg elsker ogsá dig babe" ( I love you to babe in Danish) he says back. I roll my eyes , and he slips off his shoes and then takes off his shirt to reveal his six pack. He comes back up to me and whispers in my ear to lay down, I really don't want to lay on this nasty bathroom floor but I really don't have a choice. He takes off his jeans so now he just in his American eagle boxers. He hovers over my body and starts to dry hump me. I try to push him off of me but he just grabs my wrist and slams them on the ground. He takes off his boxers and then my hot pink lace Victoria's Secret panties. I close my eyes because I don't want to see what happens next. How dafuq I'm I getting raped and nobody notices. " your going to get in trouble" I tell him "I told the office that we had to leave early and were cousins" he said and smirks at me, "you better not scream right now" he says before thrusting into me and I took everything I had not to moan or yell in pain. "Your hurting me " almost yell "good" he says. He continues thrusting into me and I then feel some sort of liquid come inside me (see what I did there) then I realise what it is and start silently crying to myself while he just laughs at me. After about an hour or 2 of being in the bathroom he gets off of me.

When he's done we both put on our clothes and walk out of the bathroom (there's no one in the hall) and he wraps his arm around my waist , I push him off of me and start crying again. "Where you going" he asks me "to class"I say "remember I told the office we left babe" he says "don't call me babe"I say "I will if I want to" he says pulling me outside of the school and we walk to his car (mumbled pictures) "how the hell do you drive and not get caught" I ask "I have my ways he says and winks at me "stay here" he tells me and goes up to some random person and tells him to come to our car "ok here take a picture of us" he tells the man and gives him his phone. Benjamin leans against the car "put your arm around my neck" he tells me and I do as told to and he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses me while the man takes the picture. "thanks man"Benjamin tells him and he say your welcome. "Why did you kiss me?" I ask "well I'm famous on Instagram and when I post that picture everyone will know we're dating" he says and winks at me. "But were not dating" I tell him "yes we are" he says I stay quiet "where we going" I ask while he starts the car


where are they going????

A/N: I hope this makes up for not writing in a long time I probably won't update for a week or to so that's why I wrote a lot:)) 

land someone please write a fan fiction of cole Robertson were and girl that's 13 years old and her 10 year olds brother win and trip to stay 2 weeks at the robertsons house and have cole fall in love with her but her play hard to get and have her not like to eat and be sick with bulimia I think is the name and it when you don't eat and him take care of her and love her so much and care for her and her name Aly or Lynsey but call her L for short.

But if someone doesn't write that story ill probably write it and not update this one because I'm writing that one so that's probably what I'll do sp peace out for and few weeks

             ~Lynsey (L)

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