Another love story (Benjamin Lasnier)

Hi my name is Aly Brown I'm 13 I have light brown hair and honey coloured eyes and light tan skin and I'm 5'0 so there's this new boy in school benjamin and when he comes into to aly's life will there be romance or trouble read and find out in another love story ps please read is a really good story if I say so my self ;)


3. Chapter 3

*Recap of last chapter*

Great I thought to myself with lots of sarcasm. Well this is just fun I wonder how its going to be with this annoying kid all threw class.

Chapter 3:

Aly pov:

I host benjamin! Gosh he's so weird and annoying all through class he's been staring at me. When he stops looking at me he writes something down on a piece of paper then passes me a note and on the top it says "from benjamin <3. I look at him and he looks back at me and I roll my eyes,I open the note and it says, "why don't you like me?". I sigh and write, "because I'm not like most girls who fall in love with boys the second they meet them" after I write that I fold it up and slide it back to him. Then he writes something else and passes it back to me.

Note Conversation:

Benjamin:don't worry baby soon ill have you in my arms ;)

Aly:keep dreaming

Benjamin:your hott babe :*

Aly:first of all don't call me hott and don't call me babe

Benjamin:what do you want me to call you then

Aly:my name -.-

Benjamin:no I think I like babe better, and don't worry I'll get you to like me.

Aly:no you wont

Benjamin:what's your number babe?

Aly:I'm not giving you my number

Benjamin:c'mon plz?




Benjamin:I'm going to have a party at my place today come plz?


Benjamin:I love you babe :*

Aly:I never said I liked you

End Of Note Conversation

BRIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! The bell rings

Aly pov:

Finally I don't half to talk to this weirdo anymore he's so annoying. "Aly wait up" I hear Benjamin yell. I keep walking faster until he catches up with me.


ooohhhhhh I wonder what's going to happen oh yeah I already know

Sorry I never updated it was because I deleted the story because the wifi at my house stopped working and it was off for over 3 weeks and each day I wrote 2 chapter so that's a lot maybe ill update tomorrow so keep on reading and





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