Another love story (Benjamin Lasnier)

Hi my name is Aly Brown I'm 13 I have light brown hair and honey coloured eyes and light tan skin and I'm 5'0 so there's this new boy in school benjamin and when he comes into to aly's life will there be romance or trouble read and find out in another love story ps please read is a really good story if I say so my self ;)


2. Chapter 2

Aly pov:        8:12a.m.  Home room

After he said that he went back to typing on his computer. When no one was looking I got out my white iPhone 5 and logged onto twitter and clicked the tweet button. "Aly_brown: great new student today, I hate new students :p" (not real twitter I hope). When I was done I put my phone back in my back pack and got bored of texting and talking to kaitlyn so I started tapping my fingers on the desk with my nails, until I heard the class door open and gasps from all the girls were heard. Then in walks the new 'hott' kid walks in, I look around and all the girls mouths were on the were wide open and on the floor except for me I just started laughing at them, he was looking at all the girls and smiling but when he looked at me he immediately stopped smiling and frowned because I didn't have my mouth on the floor.with that I lough again and wink at him knowing that he's mad that I don't like him. I love making boys mad I thought. Then our dumb teacher tells him to go to the front of the class and introduce himself to everyone, when he gets up there he says "hi my names benjamin lasnier I'm 14 and I'm from Denmark" after he says that everyone started clapping and the girls keep staring at him like he's someone famous celebrity, he looks at me and smiles then winks, I just roll my eyes. Everyone in this class has a desk partner but I don't because I refuse to. "Benjamin go sit next to aly"says the teacher. And my eyes widen, "what" I yell causing the class to look at me and the teacher. "Aly don't yell in my class and you need a partner anyway"the teacher says. "But I-" I start to say but get cut off by the teacher again "not buts" he yells at me and gosh I hate this dude so much. He turns around back to hiss desk and I stick the middle finger up at him causing everyone to laugh. Benjamin comes and sits next to me, great I thought to myself with lots of sarcasm. Well this is just fun I wonder how its going to be  with this dude all threw class.


A/N: remember ill try and update almost every day and maybe every 15-25 reads so keep on reading and look at my mumbles for pictures but there was no pictures in this chapter maybe the next one it means a lot when you look at them and comment so...




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