Another love story (Benjamin Lasnier)

Hi my name is Aly Brown I'm 13 I have light brown hair and honey coloured eyes and light tan skin and I'm 5'0 so there's this new boy in school benjamin and when he comes into to aly's life will there be romance or trouble read and find out in another love story ps please read is a really good story if I say so my self ;)


1. Chapter 1

Aly pov:           Her room 6:05 a.m    (Mumbled picture)

'Last Friday night yeah we danced on table tops and we took to many shots think we kissed but I forgot last Friday night'. Was the sound of my very annoying alarm clock.

'ugh it's Friday one more day till the weekend. I thought to myself,as I laid in my very warm and comfortable bed (again mumbled). After debating with myself whether to get up or stay bed till the last minute or take a warm relaxing shower I decided to get up and shower, but regretted in by the cool morning air. After showering for about fifteen minutes I got out and blow dried my hair and changed to a grey sweater with a heart in the middle, skinny jeans and light blue converse,and a floral Victoria's Secret backpack(mumbled what it looks like). When I was done changing I went down stairs and grabbed an apple from the fridge and say a note taped on there, I picked it up and it said

Dear aly,

Me and your father left early today and we are going on a buisness trip and won't be back for 2 weeks, so we left you $800 dollars on the table for emergency's only. Be carful we love you and will be back soon.

                            Love mom,dad.

Wow two whole weeks alone *smirks* this is going to be fun I thought.

Since they weren't going to be here I got the got the keys to my black BMW that was or when I turn 15. (Mumbled that to). I got in the car and drove to school and that tools 15 minutes. When I got there I walked straight to my locker.

"Hey girl" my best friend kaitlyn said as she walked up. "What's up Kay" I said "wells there's a new kid and everyone's saying he's super hott"she said practically screaming in my ear. "Kay you don't half to yell" "sorry"she said

we walked into our home room and sat at our assigned seats and were talking until our dumb teacher walked in. "Ok class today we are going to have a new student and he'll be here any minute". After he said that every one was eyeing the door waiting for him to come. And I was think why does everyone care so much?

A/N: hi please read and I will update tonight or maybe a hour because the wifi is at our house and where going out to eat so tell your friends or any one to read and




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