Cinderella story

This story is just about like cinderella and a prince that she falls in love with


1. Love




                                                                Sarah's POV 

      Once upon a time there was a girl name cinderella and there was a prince named Niall. 

Cinderella wanted to go to a ball but her step mother and step sisters wouldn't let her go 

to the ball. They made her clean all day but than her fairy godmother came and she 

got to go anyways so she went to get ready to go so she went to put on a pink dress and some 

glass slippers to wear to the ball. She got to the ball and she saw the prince and so the

prince saw her and asked her to dance and she said yes so than it hit the 12 and she 

hurried to get home and so she lost her glass slipper. Than when the prince went 

outside he picked up the glass slipper and went around tried to find her and finally he found her.

Than they lived happily ever after.

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