Paul's Daughter

Mackenzie Higgins isn't really a fan of one direction but she likes some of their music. Her dad Paul Higgins is a bodyguard for celebrity's he hasn't had a job in a while. But what happens when he gets a job and she has to go with him? Will she fall in love with his client? Read to see what happens


1. Just another day

Mackenzie's POV

*phone alarm rings at 6am*

Ugh I don't wanna get up 

i got up and went to my bathroom and took a shower after my shower I got dressed in my fav white dress with lace and brown belt around it with a jean jacket and brown boots and dryed my  shoulder length dark brown hair and put my ray band glasses on(their prescription not sunglasses) . Then I went downstairs where my dad was making pancakes it's smelled good I went behind my dad and gave him a hug and said "Morning dad" and he said "morning honey did u sleep well?" The I replied" yes I did " and he said "want some pancakes?". Then I said "yes I do" while I was eating dad told me how he made the pancakes from scratch but I wasn't really listening I was mostly thinking of my boyfriend Riley. I couldn't wait to see him today he said he needed to talk to me I hope he was gonna ask me to our last 8th grade dance. After I finished my food I put my plate in the sink and went upstairs to get my backpack and my phone and asked dad if he could take me to school I usually walk but it's raining and I don't want to get me dress wet.


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