Paul's Daughter

Mackenzie Higgins isn't really a fan of one direction but she likes some of their music. Her dad Paul Higgins is a bodyguard for celebrity's he hasn't had a job in a while. But what happens when he gets a job and she has to go with him? Will she fall in love with his client? Read to see what happens


2. At school

Mackenzie's POV

my dad pulls up to my school I say bye and give him a hug. I get out and close the car door I walk to my locker and see Riley leaning up against my locker I give him a hug and he really didn't hug back I stepped back and looked at him and I said "what did you want to talk to me about? " . He said "umm I don't know how to say this but.........I don't feel the same anymore...." I stood there with my backpack on and my mouth wide open in shock and had tears in my eyes my heart feels like its ripped in half. Riley tried to hug me but I just pushed him away and ran to my best friend Abby and she hugged and asked me "what's wrong " and I said through my sobs"Riley just broke up with me " and she said" awww I'm sorry lets go to the bathroom and f I'd your makeup ok" and we started walking to the bathroom after we finished we had five minutes till home room so I said by and went to my home room and while my techer was taking roll call the intercom came on and called me to the office and I got my stuff and went and my dad was there and he signed me out and we left and I asked him "why did you take me out of school ?"then he said "I got a job and you have to come with me cause it involves traveling and no ones here to take care of u since your mom died." We got in the car and went home and we got there and I started packing all of my stuff. My dad said we were meeting his new clients at 3 and its already 11 so I packed really fast and after I was finished I went  downstairs to get something to eat and I had some top ramen. While I was eating my dad came down stairs with all his stuff and it was already 1 and we were going on a tour bus and my dad said we needed to drive over there and we got all of our stuff in the car and drove over to a parking lot with a black tour bus we got there and I got my stuff out of the back and my dad said hi to his clients bu I wasn't paying attention till my dad said "Mackenzie I want you to meet my new clients Niall,Harry,Liam,Louis,and Zayn." I looked up and realized "one direction is standing in front of me and I'm going to spend time with them on their tour.

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