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Jordan Stewart, a junior in Alburry Hills High School, is not book smart nor is she street smart. She is just a regular girl with average grades and a decent piece of mind. The only thing in her way is the leather jacket and the black sun glasses, followed by the facial appearance of black hair and gorgeous hazel brown eyes.


7. 'Two Different Stages of Character'

I noticed the look on his face when he saw Liam at the door. Liam knew how to keep a grudge and I know Zayn could keep his anger up for as long as Liam could. They're hatred for each other were unspeakable. Liam tried to play it cool in the older days but when he saw what Zayn did to me recently, I guess you could say he wasn't very thrilled. I cleared my throat and smiled.

"We don't want to keep the others waiting, do we?" I spoke with an awkward tone. Liam glanced up at me from Zayn and nodded. He glanced back down at Zayn, who was keeping a brave face on, even though it's usually the other way around. As Zayn and I followed Liam to the car, I felt his hand brush against mine. He quickly pulled back his arm and glanced at me.

"Sorry..." he mumbled, feeling awkward. If he isn't bullying me, he's usually in this stage. I feel as if he's confused on what to do now. I mean, he's wanted to be my friend, right? As Zayn stepped to the car, he slowly opened my door.

"Ladies' first." he smirked, trying to be fancy yet himself at the same time. I giggled and scooted to the middle of the back of the car. That's when both Zayn and Liam got into the car and either side of me, glaring at each other. Boy, was this going to be an awkward ride.

"Jordan, could you please tell Liam to buckle his seatbelt, we cannot leave until he does." Zayn muttered.

"Jordan, could you please tell Zayn to not buckle his seatbelt, we do not want to leave until he left the car." Liam replied in a mumble. Zayn glared at Liam and muttered under his breath a few words. I couldn't really understand it, though. As we got to Kings, Zayn opened the door and stood there, waiting for me. I got out and smile, noticing how close we were. My face was a few inches away from his and I could slightly feel his breath on my neck.

"Thanks." I smirked, looking into his eyes. He went to go say something, but two hands on my arms had pushed me further away from him. I had turned around to see Liam had stood in my spot, still close to his face. Liam had mumbled something to Zayn, and Zayn had mumbled something to Liam. I put both my hands on their chests, one on each, and looked at them.

"Can we please just have a regular night out at Kings?" I smiled, looking at the both of them. Liam looked at Zayn, who then brought out a smile.

"Of course." Zayn looked into my eyes as I did the same. I turned away and began walking in, catching up with Louis and Jesse. As we were seated, I could feel the tension in the air between Liam and Zayn. Liam and Louis sat with Jesse while Zayn and I sat across them.

"So Zayn, how has your week been?" Louis asked, hoping that he would break what looked like a world war battlefield.

"It's been good." Zayn replied, giving out his kind voice. I've only heard it a few times when we talked, but that was it.

"Only when you bullied Jordan and I, right" Liam mumbled, playing with the straw that sat on his side.

"That was one day." Zayn muttered back.

"Yeah, today to be exact."

"Can we please drop it?"

"You know, if you weren't such a jerkish prick, maybe we would accept you." Liam spat.

"I don't think I want to be accepted by little conniving bottles of rubbish such as yourself." Liam chuckled at Zayn's comment.

"I'm pretty sure Jordan doesn't even accept you." Liam smirked. Zayn's face. He looked angry, yet worried. Mostly angry, though.

"She would love to accept me, and she has."

"Probably before you through her against the wall."

"There are reasons why I did so."

"Yeah, because you read a silly text message wrong."

"That was one time."

"Yeah, like the one, or maybe few, times you physically, mentally, and emotionally hurt my friend  that probably only accepts you so you don't bully her?" As soon as that came out, Liam's eyes had widened. He regretted saying every word once the bottle of feelings he had had now opened. He knew that wasn't true, but I'm sure Zayn was now confused. Zayn stood up and looked at him. I stood up as well.

"Zayn, that isn't anywhere true."

"You know, I came out here to be all of your friends. To apologize for something I did in the past. I'm not asking you to accept me as your friend, I'm only asking for a start over." Zayn then scotched his way away from the table and out the doors. I looked at Liam, who put his head on the table, quickly springing it back up.

"Jordan, I didn't mean that. I know you're not using him. It just..."

"It's okay, Liam. I'll go talk to him." and with that, I followed Zayn's path out into the parkinglot, searching for him. That's when I saw jet black hair standing over at the front of the building. I walked over to him and smirked.

"Hey." I mumbled. He just looked at me, then over at the horizon. I sighed and leaned against the wall he was leaning on.

"What Liam said; it wasn't true." I told him.

"I know." he spoke, surprising me with his words. I just looked at him, not sure what to do now. I only thought of showing him how much of a friend he is to me so he wouldn't believe Liam, but he already believed that we were friends.

"How come you're the only one that trusts me?" he asked, giving me a suspicious look. I giggled.

"I guess there was something telling me to forgive and forget, you know?" He smiled and nodded. We didn't speak, we just stared over at the freshly painted road in front of us. Many cars were passing in and out, or just passing the building itself. I heard a little giggle escape from Zayn's lips. I turned to him, noticing that he was already looking at me.

"What?" I asked him, very uneasy.

"You with the face and the eyes..." he paused, still looking at me. I was now standing in front of him as he leaned against the wooden post, the building facing him from behind me.

"...and that smile." he finished, lookingat my lips. I shrugged my eyebrows and giggled.

"What about it?" I asked in a winky-faced way. All he did was let out a chuckle, shake his head, and looking down at his feet. We stayed quiet for awhile until I heard him clear his throat.

"Since I am now your friend... well I hope I am..." he stopped, looking into my eyes. I nodded, signaling that he was my friend. He looked back down at his feet and thought to himself for a moment.

"What is it?" I asked him. His shoulders rose, then landed back into stance with his collarbones, from the inside of his see-through white shirt, were perfectly angled in the right position.

"Well all your other friends have met this Michael character. I was wondering if I could ever meet him." he smirked, not making eye contact at all. I giggled at how cute he was being. Yes, I said cute. I mean, he is. Have you seen this guy? He's actually attractive if you want to get into detail.

"Maybe I can let you come over tomorrow for dinner, if you really wanted to." I suggested, bobbing my head down near his eyes so he would at least look at me. He rose his eyes as I rose myself.

"That'd be great." is all he said before standing perfectly straight up. His eyes had been mesmorizing my face, looking for something. I bit my lip as I watched his eyes move from my forehead to my chin, my chin to my cheeks, and my cheeks all the way to my lips. I could feel a burning yet energetic feeling in my stomach, my hands getting a bit sweaty and my breath thickening up. He looked up at my eyes and smiled.

"Maybe we should get back inside." he whispered in a calm fashion.

"Maybe we should." I answered back in a whisper. I then felt his hands on my waist as he walked me inside. I giggled, looking at him. He winked and let his arms gently gaze down to his sides as our eyes met the others' eyes. Liam quickly stood up.

"Zayn, I really didn't mean what I said. I was only angry and-" Zayn stopped Liam from saying any further.

"It's alright, it's in the past. Let's start over?" Zayn let out a hand and smiled. Liam hesitated from reaching for it, but then grabbed it quickly, firmly shaking it. I smiled and sat down.



When Jesse dropped Zayn off, I started to scoot in Zayn's direction, but Jesse pulled on my arm. She was puzzled of what I was doing and she had a strange look in her eyes.

"I was going to walk home with Zayn." I mumbled in her ear. Zayn looked at me, but with a confused look.

"Zayn, I'm taking her home. I have some things to chat with her about. It's some project in Geography." Jesse lied, closing my door. Zayn waved goodbye and I did the same. I climbed to the passenger's seat and sat as we drove away.

"Yes?" I asked in a service way. "May I help you?"

"What the hell is going on with you and Zayn?" she asked, a bit flirtatiously as if Zayn and I have been secretly dating or something.

"We're just friends like Liam and you." I smiled, but frowned.

"Oh so you have a hopeless crush on a beautiful guy who's never really going to see any feeling for you?" she asked sarcastically, but seriously in the same way.

"No, I don't like him in that way, and I've already told you! Liam is madly in love with you!" I told her. She just rolled her eyes and smiled.

"If you say so."

"Ask him for yourself. Invite him to dinner and then confess how you truly feel." I told her. She shook her head.

"I want him to like me back, not feel freaked out." She stopped in front of my house and smiled.

"I bet you've already invited him to meet the magical Michael." Jesse smirked sarcastically. I gave her this 'I'm innocent' look, but really, it was a 'I did' look. She dropped her jaw and slapped me in the arm.

"You're having him meet Michael in front of your family? In front of Michael and Ellen? In front of your dad?" she asked, gasping away.

"Just like when you, Liam, and Louis did, Jess."

"How do I know you're not secretly in love with each other?"

"Jess, he told me he wanted to meet them after referring to all three of you, who are my best friends, meeting Michael. Besides, I couldn't like him. He's him and I'm me. That's two different likings and two different stages of character and mind" I explained with a smirk, stepping out of the car.

"If you say so, darling. Only, I know he's falling for you." Jesse winked, joking obviously. I rolled my eyes and closed her door, rushing up the porch steps and up the living room stairs to my favorite place of nighttime, my bedroom. I calmly sighed and sat on my bed. Jesse was, as usual, getting to my head about this. Zayn Malik, the guy I've hated for a year now, liked me? Ha! I'd like to see that in the movie with popcorn on a summer's night. Obviously some sarcasm and figure of speech mixed together. I sighed once again, looking up at my ceiling as I rested myself on my bed. The real question is, am I really starting to like Zayn? I mean, I hate him, but I don't. This past week has been crazy, but I couldn't imagine myself with the kid. He was popular, he is a badboy of our school, he's hot, I'm... not. I'm just this quirky girl who manages through the day with the help of her best friends, her family, and school work. I smiled at myself. If some guy would find my quirkiness cute, I wouldn't know what to do. I then began to rest my eyes. Zayn seemed to be the top subject in my thoughts, and I didn't really mind it anymore. Maybe I was slowly falling for him everyday, or maybe I'm just going through the same stage I've gone through with other 24-hour crushes. I guess you can say I'm torn. Torn between the thoughts of falling or not falling.

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