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Jordan Stewart, a junior in Alburry Hills High School, is not book smart nor is she street smart. She is just a regular girl with average grades and a decent piece of mind. The only thing in her way is the leather jacket and the black sun glasses, followed by the facial appearance of black hair and gorgeous hazel brown eyes.


6. It All Makes Sense

The school day ended and guess who caught up with me and Louis to walk me home? You guessed it. He had his cheeky smile and happy eyes when he finally walked up to me.

"May I join you on your walk?" Zayn asked me, not really noticing Louis. I looked at Louis and smirked.

"It's up to flippy over here." I joked, looking back at Zayn's eyes. They seemed to be a lighter shade of brown than usual. They quickly shifted over to Louis, giving him a blank expression.

"Oh come on! He's spreading rumors." Zayn mumbled. Louis faked an offended look and looked at me.

"No, all I did was ask if you fancied Jordan." Louis gave Zayn a smirk and began walking. Zayn rolled his eyes.

"Well can I walk with her?" Zayn asked, ignoring Louis' comment. Louis stopped in his tracks.

"Are you saying you do?" Louis turned around, smiling like a goof.

"No, I'm saying that I want to walk with her." Zayn snapped, obviously offended. I looked at the ground and let out a faint and silent sigh. What was wrong with me for him not to fancy? Oh right, I'm the victim of his bullying.

"Well you have to walk with us, since I'm walking too." Louis explained, wrapping his arm around mine. I looked back up at the two, who seemed to be giving each other dirty looks. Finally, there was an answer.

"Fine." he smirked. "...but I'm only talking to her."

"Good, I didn't want you talking to me anyway." Louis mumbled, turning around and continuing onto the walk. Zayn stood beside me and smirked.

"So, what are we writing for the English assignment?" Zayn asked me, very innocent and normal as if we were just to partners, like no bullying had ever happened. That's it. Bullying.

"We can write about bullying." I smiled, looking up at me. He seemed uncomfortable.

"Erm... why that subject?"

"Well I guess because it's an assignment about reality, I just thought that we should write about the effects of bullying." I explained, looking into his eyes.

"...unless you don't want to." I cleared my throat, ready for his reply. A big surprise, his reply was.

"No no. We can do a bullying one." he paused, looking into my eyes once more. "I just thought you were referring to me."

"No, not at all. That was the first thing that had came to mind." I felt a bit awkward now, and so did he. My arm slowly bumped into Louis, hoping he'd change the subject. He noticed this and smiled.

"You know what sounds really great? If Zayn joined Liam, Jesse, you, and me to a little dinner? Probably at Kings or something." Louis looked over at Zayn, waiting for a respond. Zayn seemed a little bit in deep thought, I've never really seen him this way. I mean, I haven't really seen half the expressions he's had the past week.

"Zayn..?" Louis hesitated, looking at me. Zayn snapped his head over to us, giving us a reassuring smile.


"Would you like to join the four of us out to Kings?" I asked very calmly, looking at Louis. He nodded and smiled an interesting smile at me.

"I'd love to." For a few seconds, we stayed quiet. His eyes on mine. He seemed to be looking through my eyes, trying to find something. Those beautiful brown eyes always made me distracted; a little weak to speak sometimes. I noticed that I was staring, so I looked away and over to Louis.

"Good, now we have plans for tonight." I smirked, walking closer to Louis' house. I didn't want to walk away from Zayn just yet.

"Uh, Louis? I'm going to head home to check on Steven. I'll be back." I smiled, walking away with Zayn. Before I was fully away from his view, I could tell in the corner of my eye that Louis gave me a funny look, but he shrugged it off and walked into his house. For the first two blocks, Zayn and I were very quiet, but he quickly cleared his throat to speak.

"Can I ask you something?" Zayn hesitated, glancing over at me. His head was still facing forward as his eyes reached mine.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"I don't know how to start."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I was wondering..." he paused, turning towards me. He bit his lip, than smirked. "Would it be weird if we became... friends?" He quickly closed his mouth, shocked of what had came out. I was as well. Did he just ask to be my friend? I sighed to myself.

"I don't think it's weird." I told him.

"Well, do you want to?"  I hesitated to speak, but I decided not to. I didn't know how to answer. Did I want to be his friend? Maybe. Was I afraid that he would end up bullying me? Maybe.

"Well... all depends." I started. He didn't speak, he only walked until we had reached my street.

"What do you mean?" he finally asked.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but from experience, how do I know this isn't a trap?" I finally said. At first, Zayn had gotten an angry look on his face, but after a few seconds of thinking to himself and being silent, he loosened up and looked at me.

"I see where you're coming from..." he paused, stopping in front of my house. We just stared into each other's eyes, afraid of the next words that Zayn was going to say.

"I guess you're just going to have to trust me for once." Zayn mumbled, giving me a shy smile. God, did he really confuse me. I breathed in lightly from my nose and calmly exhaled out of my mouth. I gave him a smile.

"So can we...?" he asked, bringing out a hand for surrender. He was surrendering. No more bullying, no more pushing around or teasing or any chair pullings. I reached out my hand but hesitantly pulling a bit back. His smile started to fade, but as I quickly stopped it in motion from going back, it continued to go forward and finally intertwine into his hand. His smile grew again and we shook on it.

"So, Stewart. I guess I'll see you tonight?" he asked me with a smile.

"Yeah, just meet up here whenever I text you and Jess will pick us up." I explained.

"Jess? You mean Jesse?" he chuckled, giving a sarcastic smirk. I rolled my eyes, watching him as he began to back away.

"I guess I'll see you later than." he calmly smiled, looking at me.

"Bye, Zayn." I smiled, walking up my porch steps. I could still faintly see him in the corner of my eye, watching him walk backwards away from my house. As I walked in, I could smell baking was in the air. God, I really hope Steven isn't using the stove. I rushed over to the kitchen and noticed Michael, my older brother, in front of the counter with a plate of cookies. He had a girly apron wrapped around his body and oven mitts on each hand, both left handed even though he has one of each.

"Mike!" I shouted, rushing over into an embrace of hugs. He hugged back and kissed my forehead.

"Hey, Dan. How was school?" he asked me. He had just finished the cookies and was now untying the apron.

"It was decent. How was classes?"

"They weren't so bad. I've had better."

"Oh really? How's Ellen?"

"She's beautiful like always. She misses you. Maybe you guys can go shopping soon?" Ellen was Michael's girlfriend. They've been dating for two years now and I'm sure he's going to be popping the question very soon. Michael, himself, has had college for those two years. He moved out and into a dorm to major in writing. He always knew how to write great stories and I hope he succeeds in his lifetime dream.

"Maybe we can soon. I've been busy with school and friends, though." I told him. We grabed the warm cookies to eat and sat into the living room to chat some more.

"How's Louis?" He asked me.

"He's amazing as always." I told him. Louis was my closest best friend. Yeah, he's a guy, but obviously you already know that he's the one I can go to for secrets and for comfort.

"Have you tapped that yet?" he winked.

"Mike! Gross! He's like you." I smiled.

"Perverted?" he winked once again.

"No! My brother." I told him. Michael nodded and bit into another cookie. The soft and richy goodness on our tastebuds were too much to handle.

"Well are there any guys you're interested in?" he asked me.

"Not really."

"Really? None of your liking?"

"Well I did have a crush last year for like a month or so, but obviously that guy is just a jerk."

"Oh, Zayn Zayn the annoying Pain?" he joked. Yes, I told Michael everything. Of course I would, he's my big brother. He's always been there for me, just like Louis.

"Hey! He's not annoying or a pain, well anymore. He's been acting nice lately." I said with a confused tone.

"So he isn't a jerk?" he asked me, obviously trying to note everything down in his mental notepad.

"Well yeah I guess he's not." I mumbled, lookingat my phone. Speaking of the devil, I think I should text him soon.

"Well does that mean you like him again?" Michael asked once again.

"Michael Anthony Stewart, what is with the twenty questions? Let's talk about you." I changed the subject quickly.

"I would, but I have to get going. Sunday's Ellen and my anniversary and I still haven't gotten a gift. I'll be over for dinner tomorrow night, will you be there as well?" he knew that I never eat at home anymore ever since I was old enough to drive around to Kings. Okay, maybe I don't have my own car anymore, but my friends and I still go to Kings.

"I'll probably be here." I told him, typing a note in my phone about it.

"Good, I'll see you tomorrow." He waved goodbye, blowing me kisses.

"Love you, Mike." I smiled as he walked out the door. I opened a new message. Louis, when are we going out to eat?" I sent to Louis. I quickly walked up there stairs, noticing Steven napping on the hallway floor. Even though he was a freshmen, his mind acted ALOT like a child. He still played with toys, he couldn't use the stove, and he was just everything childlike. I just hope he doesn't ever have to deal with all the drama I did. I mean, he isn't now, but he might end up doing so some time. Especially if he still plays with toys. I bent down to my knees and poked his closed eye.

"Steve, you have to get up. You're bedroom is still over there next to mine." I joked, hoping he'd get up. Being the only girl out of three guys in the family was hard. A few years back, my mother and father divorced and when it was settled, she moved down to L.A to 'live her dream' as a painter. She never called, she never came down to visit, she never even let us know she was leaving until she said her fairwell minutes before her plane was about to leave. Steven distacted my thoughts as he opened his eyes and smiled.

"Wow, I must be really tired." he mumbled, frowning again when he saw me. "Hey."

"Hi. Go sleep in your bed before you get neck pains." I smiled, ruffling his hair. He did what he was told and left the hallway, leaving me alone with my phone ringing away. It was Louis. "Hey, we'll be leaving in an hour and a half for Kings. Make sure to be ready." he sent. "Okay, thanks. Zayn will be at my house whenever Jesse arrives." I sent, walking to the bathroom. I sighed and hopped into the shower, singing myself a lovely melody of Taylor Swift's Last Kiss. It was one of my favorites and it'd been stuck in my head all day. After twenty minutes, I hoped out and changed into a classic pink shirt with a grey Nike symbol across the chest area, blue short shorts with the store-bought rips, and my blue high top converse. I put my hair in a messy bun and put the finishing touches on; my mascara, eyeliner, and chapstick to go. I slowly walked downstairs, shocked to see a familiar smile on the couch.

"You're brother let me in." he smirked, looking at me. I could tell that his eyes had did a quick look at my outfit.

"Whoa, buddy. My eyes are over here." I joked, sitting next to him. "So what's Zayn doing here so early?"

"Well Louis texted me telling me I should make my way over here." Zayn smiled, looking at me. I nodded, looking around the room.

"Where's my brother now, do you know?" I asked him, biting my lip. I really didn't care, I just didn't know what to say.

"Oh, he asked me to tell you that he was going out with... Douglas I think he said?" oh yes, Douglas. He was in a sophomore and may I just add that he was a fine good looking one at that. I smirked, nodding like a fool.

"Oh yes, Doug. Thanks." I stood up.

"Do you want something to eat? Michael just made some cookies."

"Who's Michael?"

"My brother."

"Wait, I thought his name was Steven. I mean, that's what I called him," he mumbled, looking into my eyes. I laughed at how cute he was being, but frown at what I just thought. Cute? Zayn Malik is kinda cute but may I also remember that he is my bully. Well, scratch that.

"Michael's my older brother."

"Oh. Sure, I'd love some." and with that, I made my way into the kitchen and grabbed the plate of cookies, walking back to Zayn. His eyes gave me a smirk as his smile did the same. He grabbed a cookie and quickly bit into it.

"Wow, your bro can cook." he winked, looking into my eyes. I nodded and joined him on the couch, turning on the tv for background sound.

"So when are we going out?" he asked me, causing me to cough on my snack.


"You know... to kings?" I gave out a releving sigh and smiled at him.

"About fourty-five minutes? Maybe a little bit lower." I explained, looking down at the plate. Why did I feel so awkward right now? I've been talking to him a lot more lately and I haven't at all felt so.. nervous. Besides the bullying times, anyway.

"Should we start on our project?" I asked him, hoping to get us to do something to pass time.

"Sure. You have your papers?" he asked me. I nodded and grabbed my back, quickly grabbing my notebook from last year. The notes I had in it was perfect for our subject since the most of the stuff I put in it was thoughts about Zayn bullying me. Every time Zayn bullied me, I'd put it in the back of my notebook. I don't really understand why I carried it around, but I did. I quickly opened it up but not in front of Zayn's eyes.

"We can start by showing how a normal teenaged boy can be turned into the victim of an older teenaged boy bullying him?" I suggested, closing my notes. He nodded, but his face wasn't saticfied. As I put the notebook on the coffee table, I looked at him.

"You okay?" I carefully asked him. He gulped, shaking his head. He gave me a glare, quickly grabbing the notebook. He got up as I did. I placed my arm on his chest and raised my other one, but he was too tall with the notebook sky high into the air, away from my hand.

"Zayn, please give that back." I begged, jumping up and down.

"Let me see it." he mumbled, bending down with the notebook. I jumped on his back and reached over to grab the notebook, but it was too late. He was already reading it and he seemed a bit uneasy. I jumped back onto the floor and looked for a response but he was speechless. He looked from the notebook and up to me.

"When was this?" he asked me. I sighed.

"Last year." he looked back in the notes and stretched through pages. His eyes got wider as he got further in.

"I did this?" he asked me, a bit panicked.

"It's really not a big deal, Zayn."

"No, I made you suffer!"

"Zayn, most of it is an over exaggeration."

"No it's not. I actually remember doing all this. I never realized..." he paused, his face seemed scared. I began to get closer, but he backed away.

"Zayn, it's alright."

"Alright? Is it really alright to do this?" he was freaking out now. I then slowly grabbed his wrist and smiled.

"Zayn, I think you need a breather." I looked into his eyes. He sighed and sat back down on the couch with his hands in his hands. I rubbed his back gently.

"Maybe there was something that probably triggered this." I suggested. He looked up quickly.

"It all makes sense." he mumbled, looking at me.

"What?" I was confused.

"When I moved here last year, I guess I was... too afraid." he mumbled, I didn't say anything, I just let him sit there and speak.

"Before I moved here, I was bullied. I was bullied for being... Muslim." he finally confessed.

"Really?" I was very surprised. I never really thought of Zayn being a victim. He nodded and looked into my eyes.

"The bullies did the same exact thing I did. I just need you to know I'm so sorry." he looked away and frowned. I giggled, causing him to look up.


"Zayn, stop saying sorry. I forgive you already." I smiled at him, causing him to smile back.

"Thanks..." he smirked and looked away from me. It was silent until he cleared his throat.

"Maybe we should do that report on bullying." he mumbled, giving himself a smile. His eyes looked up into mine, causing a bit of nervous feelings to arrive. This is really weird. I don't know what he's doing, but for some reason, I feel uneasy when I'm around him.

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