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Jordan Stewart, a junior in Alburry Hills High School, is not book smart nor is she street smart. She is just a regular girl with average grades and a decent piece of mind. The only thing in her way is the leather jacket and the black sun glasses, followed by the facial appearance of black hair and gorgeous hazel brown eyes.


14. Forgiveness?

Jordan's POV: My eyes opened lazily. Great, another day. I couldn't do this anymore. Every time I like someone, they end up crushing me like an ant. I honest felt as if I remembered the same feelings I did when I was in that fake relationship. Actually, I felt more. I felt as if I could be safe. I could love. Now all those feelings had been quickly torn apart and out of my system, because now all I want to do is lay in the cold bed for the rest of my life. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of knocking on the bedroom door. The door slowly opened a crack with Mike's head peeping in.

"Jesse's here." he told me.

"Don't bring her in, I look like a mess." I told him, laying my head on my arm. He shrugged and let her in anyway. I groaned and covered my face. It'd break my heart to have my friends see me like this. I felt someone sit on the foot of my bed.

"Jordan, please. I need to know how you're feeling." she whispered. I didn't nudge, I kept myself quiet and covered. She sighed.

"Zayn told me that she kissed him. Apparently he 'immediately' pushed her away once it happened. He told me she over exaggerated." she explained to me.

"That doesn't make sense. Why didn't he just tell me once it happened. You know, when I saw him that morning?" I huffed, getting more comfortable under the comforter.

"I wish I knew. I feel as if he's not lying to you. You know how Stacy is. She can lie..." I lifted my head and stared at her.

"You think she lied? Zayn didn't deny it! They kissed!" I huffed and stood up from the bed.

"Are you trying to tell me that your on his side? Because your my best friend. You're suppose to be on my side!" I shouted, feeling my voice weaken. I took in a deep breath, and so did Jesse.

"I'm just telling you that there might be a way of him being innocent." she stopped. "I see that look on his face, the smile in his eyes when he talks about you, or even to you." she smiled, looking at me. I shook my head.

"I don't know. What I do know is he was cheating on Stacy with the other girl when they dated." I sat back in my bed. Her face looked shocked.

"That could just be a coinciden-"

"Jess, I really don't need someone telling me to say sorry first." I told her. She stood up, no expression on her face.

"I have to get going, I'll be back over tomorrow if I don't see you." She grabbed the doorknob, slowly gazing around the room. She looked as if she was looking for something important.

"I just hope you come back." she whispered, walking out and into the hallway, closing the door behind her. I sighed and put the comforters over my head.


Zayn's POV: Jordan skipped school today, which was worrying me today. I missed her and I wish she would just answer my calls. I parked my car, slowly getting out. There it was, her house. I took a deep breath and waited. How was I going to talk to her brother? I rolled my eyes, you can do this Malik. I walk up the four porch steps and up to his door. Hesitating to knock, I clenched my fist. Deep breath. I collided my fist into the door lightly, waiting for an answer. Thankfully, it was only Steven.

"Hey, do you mind if I come in?" I asked the kind man. He just looked at me.

"Sure." he let me in and sat back on the couch to play video games. I cleared my throat and stared at the boy.

"Is Jordan here?" I asked. Before Steven opened his mouth, I heard someone answer for him.

"She's away from you." Michael. I turned over to the stairs and gave him a shy smile. He gave me a stranger look, staring into my eyes.

"Steven let me in." I told him.

"But I didn't." He told me. I bit my lip, tensing up a bit. "Why are you here?"

"I really need to talk to Jordan." I mumbled. My hands were in my pockets and my feet stood together.

"I just fed her dinner. She doesn't seem in the brightest mood." he told me.

"Do you think you could let me up there?" I asked. He shook my head.

"You know the damage you did to her?"

"She doesn't know the whole truth."

"Oh so the truth is you fell onto someone's lips?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"The girl kissed me and I didn't kiss back. I pushed her away. I know I didn't tell her immediately but you wouldn't let us talk besides about school." I bit my tongue, that wasn't true. I didn't tell her because it didn't mean anything to me. He just looked at me.

"Please, I really need to talk to her. It's between me and her." I told him. He sighed at me and took my arm.

"You need to be silent coming up." he led to towards the stairs, walking back over to Steven. I mouthed 'Thank You' and silently tip-toed up the stairs. Her bedroom door read her name, which brought me insane butterflies. My hand gently grabbed ahold of the knob, twisting it. My breath thickened as I slowly yet gently opened the door, reveling Jordan. She was laying down on the bed, not at all touching the plates of food that was laying on the ground. I close the door behind me, staring over at her. She turned her head over at me, looking shock that I was here.

"Can we talk?" I whispered. She just stared at me. We sat in silence for awhile. My thoughts were wondering about hers. What was she going to say to me? Was she going to speak at all? She cleared her throat.

"Is there really anything hear for you to talk about?" she mumbled. I nodded, getting closer to the bed.

"Let me explain the whole story." I sat next to her on the bed, hoping she would speak. She just looked at me and nodded.

"After I left your house, Stacy texted me and told me that I left my sweater there. I left it there the night she cheated on me. I went over and there wasn't any sweater, just Stacy. I asked her where the sweater was and she kissed me. Listen, I pushed away. I really did. Once she did so. I didn't tell you because that kiss mean nothing to me. I didn't think of telling you and I should of." she just looked at me, speechless. Her face seemed emotionless with a hint of relaxed and soothed.

"I don't know, Zayn." she whispered, unable to speak. Her voice was shaky and I could tell it had hurt from all the tears. After all, her face was stained with runny mascara. I grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes.

"I know the past has been bad for us, but you have to remember. I promised you I wouldn't hurt you. Not any more. You know why?" she looked at my hands, then back up into my eyes. I gazed over to her lips and gave her a shy smile.

"It's because I care for you so much." I stopped, feeling her breath thicken onto mine. My shy smile faded as my lips became lazier around her mouth.

"I never wanted to hurt you and I never will in the future if you put me there." I told her. She moved her head away from me, staring over at me.

"I still don't understand why you didn't tell me." she mumbled to me.

"I know and I'm sorry I didn't. I really am." My hands ran up to her elbows to rest peacefully. She looked back at me with a shy smile, finally, and stared into my eyes. They gazed down to my lips. I knew what she was thinking. My face leaned in close to hers, her nose touching mine. I could feel a bit of her lip kiss my bottom lip, her hands moving to my face. I smiled in between the kiss. She pulled away with a shy smile.


Jordan's POV:

"Why did you choose me?" I asked after the kiss. He just gave me a strange look.

"What do you mean?" he asked me.

"Why are you still trying to get me back with me and not moving on to someone prettier?" I asked him. He shook his head.

"Prettier? There may be pretty girls out there but your beautiful." he stopped and smiled.

"You're the girl that can't get out of my mind, and I think your quirkiness if cute." when he said that, I felt my cheeks blush. I smashed my lips onto his, feeling the excitement and fireworks explode around. His hands wandered to my back, his thumb rubbing backbone. It seemed he only did that to make me relaxed because some of the time, it worked. I breathed in and smiled in between the kiss. We both pulled and looked into each other's eyes.

"I love you Stewart." he smiled, giving me a wink. I can't believe what I heard. I giggled, though.

"When are you going to call me Jordan?" I asked him, He acted as if he was in deep thought, then smirked up.

"All depends." he started. "When are you going to call me your boyfriend?" I smiled at his response. I just planted another kiss, resting my head on his shoulder.

"I love you too." I whispered, noticing his breath quickening.

"Do you forgive me?" he asked me. I lifted my head and nodded.

"Of course I do." I told him. He then laid me down in the bed and rested next to me. I was under the covers while he laid over them. He rested his arms around my body, planting a warm pattern on me. His breath started a rhythm against my neck, his smell soothed me into closing my eyes, and his touch brought excitement to me. I loved when he held onto me. It, as I said before, made me feel safe. All I wanted to do was lay here and forget about the fighting.

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