Three Words

Jordan Stewart, a junior in Alburry Hills High School, is not book smart nor is she street smart. She is just a regular girl with average grades and a decent piece of mind. The only thing in her way is the leather jacket and the black sun glasses, followed by the facial appearance of black hair and gorgeous hazel brown eyes.


10. Drive Out Date?

(Back to Jordan's POV)

The next Morning, I fluttered my eyes open at the sound of my phone buzzing on the side table next to my bed. I sat up slowly, let out a small yawn, and reached out for my phone. It was a call from Zayn? Why this early. I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Good morning, Stewart." he greeted me in a cheerful tone. I rolled my eyes.

"Zayn, I just woke up."

"Then it really is a good morning." I could tell her was smiling at the phone by how he spoke.

"How cute." I smirked, standing up and walking over to my door mirror.

"I'm coming over soon... just putting it out there." Zayn chuckled.

"Zayn, I can't let you in when you do arrive." I told him, walking down the stairs and into the living room. There was a note telling me to take out the trash. Great. I grabbed the trash in the kitchen and walked over to the door.

"Why not?" he asked me. I stood next to the front door. I checked my hair in the mirror that was across from the door, let me note that my house loves mirrors, and smiled.

"Because I look like a mess." I told him, opening the door to see him on the front porch, smiling at me. He closed his phone and looked at me.

"I think you look rather beautiful in your looney tunes pajama bottoms and a blue tank top." he told me, grabbing the trash out of my hands and over to the garbage cans  on the curb of the lawn. I blushed to myself, hopping he wouldn't notice. When he came back, he embraced me into a big hug. It was tighter than usual, but I really didn't care. I just wish it could be lasted for awhile.

"Good morning." I mumbled, letting him in. He sat carefully on the couch as I fixed my hair into a messy bun.

"Maybe you can pack some stuff while I take a shower?" I suggested, leading him upstairs.

"Sure, does that mean I get to see what Stewart's bedroom looks like?"  he winked, walking to my door. I leaned against it, blocking the entrance.

"you can't make fun of me, I haven't redecorated it yet." I smirked, putting my hands on his chest so he wouldn't get too close. He nodded his head.

"Okay, I won't." He smiled. I opened my door slowly and walked him inside. My room was decorated in some girly bedroom with blue, green, pink, and orange flowers everywhere. Let's just say it was a bedroom for a ten year old.

"It's not that bad. It just needs an upgrade." he told me, looking around. "Do you have a bag?"

"Yeah, here. Pack everything in this and I'll be back." I handed him a big bag and walked into the bathroom, quickly turning on the warm water. I waited for a bit then hopped in. The warm water against my skin brought me relief. I felt safe for some reason, even though I've been feeling safe when I'm with Zayn. He hasn't done anything to hurt me and the past week he's found a way to make me smile. I did what I had to, wash my hair, washed myself, and hopped out. I did my usual routine, which was brush teeth, brush hair, put make-up on, etc. My hair was in loose curls and I wore a pink sleeveless ruffly shirt with blue jean short shorts. I looked decent. I stepped out of the bathroom and back into my bedroom to see Zayn turned around towards my radio, singing along with Hunter Hayes. My jaw dropped while I saw how much he got into the song.

"Wow, I'm the one with the voice?" I asked, startling him a bit. He quickly turned around, turned the radio off, and stared over at me.

"That was that Hayes' voice. Not mine." he mumbled, looking a bit shy. I shook my head and walked over to him.

"Mr. stage fright?" I asked him. He shrugged.

"I never really sang in front of anyone else besides my family." he told me. I giggled and walked to the bag.

"So you like singing?" I asked him, looking at what he picked out for me.

"Well yeah, kind of. Don't say anything though." he seemed a bit self conscious about it. I mean, why though? He was a beautiful singer.

"If it really bothers you, than I won't." my eyes stopped when I noticed one of my thin underwear sitting next to the bras. My eyes widened and I quickly took it out. I think he noticed because he chuckled and gave me a wink.

"I wear that when I have to wear yoga pants or fancy dresses." I told him, putting it back in the dresser. He chuckled.

"Well I'd bring it then because I put a lot of stuff in there. I wasn't sure what'd you wear with what so I just put almost everything in there." he told me. I giggled, noticing all the shirts and shorts there was, along with yoga pants and t-shirts, pjs and tanks, bathing suit and sun screen, and all sorts of other items.

"You did good. It just looks like you packed a week's worth." I told him, closing the bag. I put it over my shoulder and smiled. He lead me down the stairs and as we got to the living room, I noticed my dad was sitting on the couch. Hopefully he won't open his big mouth.

"Good morning, hun. Where are you off to?" I heard him ask in a greetful manner.

"Zayn and I are going for a drive. I'm not sure when we'll be back though." I to,d him. He knew what a drive way, so he stood up.

"Have a great time. Do you need any money for food?" he asked me. I was about to answer, but Zayn interrupted with a smile.

"Actually, I offered to pay for her, sir." I can tell he really wanted to make my dad like him, but knowing my dad, he was a tough guy to please.

"What's your name, again?" he asked Zayn.

"Zayn Malik, sir." Zayn replied.

"Make sure you keep an eye on her tonight. I know how she starts to act on these drives." my dad winked at me, referring to the time I went on a sugar rush. Zayn smiled at my dad, and he did the same.

"No problem, Mr. Stewart." Zayn smiled. I watched as Zayn carefully took my hand and walked me out of the house. My dad waved goodbye as we got into the car, obviously Zayn had opened my door, and we drove away.

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