Three Words

Jordan Stewart, a junior in Alburry Hills High School, is not book smart nor is she street smart. She is just a regular girl with average grades and a decent piece of mind. The only thing in her way is the leather jacket and the black sun glasses, followed by the facial appearance of black hair and gorgeous hazel brown eyes.


1. A Not So Very Pleasant Morning

The warm water hitting my face as I stood motionless, waiting for it to become cool. My thoughts were off in a trail of memories. School last year was very painful and I knew it would be even more painful when I found out Stacy Weismiller came back. She was popular, she was a cheerleader, and she was a bitch. Excuse my French, but she really is. I mean, even if she was gone, my life would still be filled with jerks and bitches, but she was the worst. She really knew how to screw with my freshmen year and I know how to screw with her junior year.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a loud bang on the bathroom door. I quickly turned off the shower and waited for someone's voice to call from the other side.

"Jordan! Dad's waiting for you. Hurry up!" I heard Steven shout. He was my younger brother. He was a freshmen and I just want to point out that his grade has more drama than ours.

"Okay, I'll be out." I shouted back, grabbing my towel. I quickly dried myself and put on a white tank top, white laced shirt with a pink and purple flower on it, and a leaf green jacket over it, followed with blue jean short shorts and my navy blue high top converse. I braided my hair in a fishtail braid to the side and had a dark leaf green hat on top. Perfect. I rushed downstairs and into the kitchen to see dad in his work clothes, fixing the sink disposal.

"Hey dad. The bathroom's all yours." I told him, peeling open a banana. He stood up and gave me a puzzled look. His face was already shaved and his clothes were already set.

"I don't need the bathroom. I already did everything this morning before you all woke up." he explained, washing his hands off.

"Steven..." I mumbled, rolling my yes at that boy. The sink then stopped and the water stopped running.

"Damn it." dad mumbled, turning off the sink. He's been working on that sink for a week now and because he is good at engineering, he thinks he could fix it.

"Dad, just call a Plummer or something. I have to go to school, Jesse's picking me up. Text you later." I threw away my banana and walked out to the front porch. I looked out and into the street to see Stacy already in her pink convertible, on her way to school. I rolled my eyes at that girl. She  thinks just because she was the first to drive, she is just the shit but really, she needs to get over herself. I know,  you may think I'm obsessed over her because I'm still talking about her, but really, i just wish she hadn't been so rude and bitchy to me on the first day of school. My thoughts were interrupted by Jesse's car pulling up.

"Hey, bitch. Ready for school?" she winked, opening the door for me. I rushed down and sat next to her in the passenger seat.

"No. I just saw mega slut pass my house." I told Jesse. She rolled her eyes.

"She's back?" she sighed and drove out and down the road. "Why did she pass your house?"

"Maybe she's just going to ruin my life for the second time." I mumbled, Jesse looked into my eyes with worry and confusion.

"You really think she'd try to do that again?" she asked, her voice a bit worried. I nodded and sighed.

"She doesn't change, Jess. She added me on Facebook last night and just the sound of me declining it made me feel nervous about today." I replied.

"Well I know what you mean. Just wait until she meets Zayn." she told me. I sighed and looked out into the distance. Zayn Malik was another guy I hated. When Stacy moved, Zayn replaced her once he moved her. He wasn't as bad as her, but he still made me feel awful. Compared to Stacy, he wasn't much of a bully, but you could tell he was one of those guys that could ruin you. My thoughts on Zayn were thankfully brushed away when we got to the school. The first day was always so crazy because of the new kids. I just never really understood why everyone was rude to everyone else. Jesse and I walked out of the car and down to the school where we saw Stacy and her friends screaming. Maybe because of how the bitch is back. I rolled my eyes and continued walking. I think Stacy had noticed this, because she looked over. Shit, not today.

"Hey, you whore. Give me a hug." I heard her say, rushing over to us. She embraced me in a huge hug and gave me an evil smile.

"I've missed you so. I know we had some great times last year and believe me, I'll make those great times become even better." she winked, glancing over at Jesse. She looked back at me an smiled. That's when she looked over at her friends and rushed back over. I shivered the hug away from me. Ew, Stacy STD's.

"What was that about?" Jesse asked me. I shrugged and walked inside.

"I have no clue. Let's just go inside." I mumbled, walking into the building. We walked though the lobby and into the lunch room to see kids talking and meeting up once again. I scanned the room to see if our other friends, Louis, Liam, and Ashley, were already here. All I noticed was Liam. I smiled at him, sent him a little greeting wave, and walked over to him. As we got closer to the table, i heard a faint chuckle at the table behind me. I glanced over and saw him. Zayn, sitting with his other friends, laughing over at me. I gave him a dirty look and got to Liam's table.

"When did you get here?" I asked Liam. He gave me a smile and a thinking face.

"About ten minutes ago." He replied as we sat down. I sat next to Liam, who was facing Zayn's table. I could see Zayn glancing over at me as he mumbled to his friends. I kept my eyes away from Zayn and Liam explained his summer vacation. Jesse was paying attention, because I knew her dirty little secret. She had a huge crush on him ever since middle school and I knew he had a crush on her well. The problem is they don't know about each other's thoughts. I looked back over to Zayn's table and he was gone. I looked around and noticed Zayn walking towards us. I then looked over at Jesse and gave her a smile. That's when I felt my chair being jerked away from me, causing me to fall on the floor in front of me. I heard Zayn and his buddies laughing as they walked away.

"See you later, Stewart." I heard Zayn say as he was walking away on the opposite side of the school. I can see he missed me a lot. Maybe this just wasn't my morning.

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