Three girls go out to have a day of laughs and fun. What happens when they stumble upon a group of gorgeous guys? Who will get together? Who won't?


2. Magic

Saturday approached fast. Last night I had invited Sandra and Aylin for a sleepover so we could leave early. It was 7:30 when I decided to wake them up. They woke up and walked to the kitchen with tired eyes. My mom, who had been awake for an hour, made Micky Mouse shaped pancakes to set the mood for the day. After breakfast we changed. Aylin was wearing a cute white flowy shirt, a Micky Mouse necklace, black skinny jeans and black converse. Sandra wore a light blue button up tank top, black studded shorts and red vans. I wore a Rolling Stones t-shirt, black shorts, and my white converse. The ride to the amusement park was quite and only filled with the music from the radio. About half of an hour later we arrived at Disneyland (California).


 We said good bye to my mom and skipped off into the park. As soon as we bought our tickets we ran to Disney's California Adventures. We took the first step in and absorbed the scenery. It was quite beautiful to see families laughing and smiling. We walked arms linked to Tower of Terror. Sandra constantly whining that she was scared and clawing my arm peeling my skin. Her eyes were filled with terror as we walked into the elevator. Aylin, Sandra, and I sat in the front on the left side. I sat in the middle, Aylin on my right, and Sandra on my left. Her eyes were filled with regret on coming into this ride. She held onto the wall handle forgetting about me. The elevator was going up slowly and Aylin looked excited. “This is going to be the best! Look I have goosebumps on my arms.” Just when Sandra was going to complain we fell. The elevator was filled with shrieks of younger kids and some teenage girls. As it went up again Aylin and I tricked Sandra into looking at the people from the opening. She looked and as her hand rose up to wave we fell down again.


 Walking out of the ride, we looked at our picture. IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER!! Only about 10 people looked happy. The rest looked absolutely petrified.




“It wasn't that bad. It was actually funny when you looked and sounded soo scared. 'No please god no help me' oh my god that was hilarious.” Aylin laughed along with my joke as Sandra only looked hurt.



“Don't judge me. It was horrible. And I wasn't the only one screaming. Whatever lets go somewhere else.” Sandra said defending herself. We walked to Cars Land and rode Radiator Springs Racers. This one had less screaming in it but still fun. Cars Land had a lot of detail. We even took pictures with Lightning McQueen and Mator.


 We were walking over to Toy Story Mania and started to wait in line. As we walked in we saw the wait time was over an hour long. We let out a huge sigh and kept walking. We were talking about an episode of Teen Wolf when I noticed a group of 5 really cute guys behind us. I whispered to Aylin and then to Sandra to look behind us. Sandra's eyes got big and she quickly turned around so she wouldn't face them. Aylin and I were figuring out how we would talk to them. The boy with curly hair looked over in my direction. I got scared and quickly faced away, but he continued to stare. After about 5 minutes he finally came up to me and said hi. Ooh he's British.


“Hi.” I said shyly not wanting to look into his emerald eyes.


“So what are 3 pretty girls doing here alone? You guys aren't alone, you probably have boyfriends right?” he said. “Oh and by the way my name is Harry, Harry Styles.”


I looked at him, “Actually no, none of us have boyfriends. They can't handle us, we're too fabulous.” I giggled and his eyes lit up. “ And my names Frida. This is my friend Aylin and my cousin Sandra.” I said pointing at them.


“Well then that's their loss. These are my friends, Liam” pointing to the guy with lightish brown hair and a buzz cut, “Niall” pointing to the blonde one, “Louis” pointing to the one with longish brown hair, “and Zayn” pointing to the one with black hair and piercings. Wow these boys are really good looking. We shook hands and started talking. For the rest of the 40 minutes we talked and we actually learned a lot about each other, like how they're on a little mini vacation and their family was still in Britain. But Niall's family is in Ireland since he's Irish.


 Liam was jumping up and down as we approached the ride. Apparently Toy Story is his favorite movie. We made seating arrangements. I was sat next to Harry, Aylin with Niall, Sandra with Zayn, and Liam with Louis. Throughout the whole ride we kept yelling and trying to mess each other up. But the girls won the guys and Louis won too. We got out the ride and as we were walking up the stairs I tripped, but Harry caught me by my waist and I looked into his piercing green eyes. “Be careful there love. I wouldn't want you getting hurt.” It felt as if time froze when I looked into his eyes. They were soo breathtaking.


“Umm yea, I'm sorry.” I managed to get out. 


 The whole day consisted going to switching from Disneyland and California Adventures and flirting and jokes being told. Even Louis shoved his ice cream in Harry's face and licked his cheek. It was around 8 already and World of Color was about to begin. We sat it the middle with a clear view of everything. As the show began Harry's arm snaked its way around my waist making me laugh quietly. I glanced over at Aylin and Sandra. Aylin's head was on Niall's shoulder, and Sandra was cuddled up next to Zayn. Throughout the show I keep seeing Harry looking at me. He was smiling. I just wanted to know how a good looking guy such as himself was going gaga over a girl like me. I am not even pretty or anything, but hey miracles happen right?


 It was time to go home, my mom would be here to pick us up any minute now. Harry pulled me too the side and said “Hey Frida, I was wondering if I could get your number? I know we only met but I had fun today.”


“I had fun today too. I really hope we get to see each other again.” I said while writing my number in his phone. We hugged and said our goodbyes, and the same to the other boys. My mom had come and as we sat down inside, I just looked over at the boys and they looked right back.


“So girls, how was your day?” my mother asked.




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