Three girls go out to have a day of laughs and fun. What happens when they stumble upon a group of gorgeous guys? Who will get together? Who won't?


3. Late night in

Sunday morning I woke up feeling happy. Walking towards the kitchen I heard my dad, from the living room, greeting me with, “Good morning sleepyhead. Breakfast is on the table.” I looked up at him with a smile and skipped off to get my food which was a ham and bacon omelet. Shoving the omelet in my face I grabbed my phone and turned it on. I had a one message from Aylin

After I finished eating, I washed my plate and went to my room. I sat on my bed unlocking my phone to text Aylin .


To: Frida

From: Aylin


“FRIDA I KNOW IT'S EARLY BUT I LAST NIGHT I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT I GOT NIALLS NUMBER! YES I KNOW AMAZING RIGHT?! But I saw that we weren't the only ones to hit it off. Zayn and Sandra got pretty close. NOT TO MENTION you and Harry as well. I saw how much you guys were laughing and being cute. You guys would be PERFECT together! Just give him a chance! Lol now im just babbling on and on. So how was your morning?”


Laughing at her hyperness I decided to text her back.


To: Aylin

From: Frida


“You guys should go out!! You guys would make such a cute couple! Anyways, I can't date Harry right now. I have to focus on school. And long distance relationships never work out so yea. Btw my morning was good I had an omelet!! yumm :)”


I laid back on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking about last night. I smiled just at the thought of when we first met the boys. I was starting to think about Harry when my phone rang making me jump. I looked at it and it was an unknown number.




“Hey love!”


“Harry? Um hi..” I said blushing a little.


He chuckles at my shyness. “Hi. Um Frida, I was wondering if you and the girls could come over to our hotel this afternoon?” It quiet for a couple seconds until Harry spoke up again. “You know, just to hang out and talk and stuff.”

“I can ask them. But I don't know for sure.” I said slowly.


“We would really like to have you guys come over. Niall really wants to hang out with Aylin. Zayn also wants Sandra to come. And I.. I kinda want to see you too.” I smiled.

“Well I'll see what I can do. Just text me the address.” I could tell he was happy by the tone in his voice.


“Yea. I will. See you later hopefully! Bye!”


“Byeee!” I said stretching the end sound. I hung up the phone and immediately sent a text to Aylin and Sandra.


To: Aylin, Sandra

From: Frida


“I have great news!!! Harry asked me to come over and to bring you guys!! You in?”


No less than a minute later they both replied with a big fat YES! I texted Harry telling him that we were able to go. He texted back with sooo many exclamation marks. I think hes glad we're going. I hoped into the shower singing “Raise Your Glass” by Pink at the top of my lungs. After, my shower I changed into a navy green tank top that had little greenish/bronze stars on the pocket, black skinny jeans, and my white converse.

I spent the whole day with my mom and two sisters at the mall. I didn't buy anything, but my mom bought soo much stuff we each had to carry two bags. By the time it was 7 p.m I was at home and Harry texted me if we could swing by in about half an hour. I quickly replied yes and told my mom that I was going to Aylin's house. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. I walked to Aylin's house being joined by Sandra on the way. She was wearing cropped black and white Misfits shirt, black high waisted shorts, and black vans.


“I'm so excited! I can't wait to see Zayn again! I think he likes me.” Sandra burst out.


“I think so too. He looks at you like he cares about you so much. He'll be good for you.” I said approaching Aylin's door. I knocked and she answered with a grin. She hugged us as if it she hadn't seen us in days. She was wearing a black muscle shirt with a plaid purple flannel on top, with black skinny jeans, and black flats.


“HEY GUYS! My sister should be out any moment know.” Her sister was kind enough to gives a ride to the hotel. She then came out and me hopped into the car. I gave her the address and we were off! The car was filled with loud singing and arguing which song was better.

We soon arrived at the hotel, it was big but I mean BIGG and gray. We stumbled out of the car thanking Aylin's sister and watched her car drive away. We slowly walked into the hotel trying not to draw attention to ourselves but that didn't happen. Me, being the big klutz that I am, happened to trip over a small chihuahua whimpering as I hit it with my foot. The dogs owner gave me a dirty look and grunted, “Careful where you step brat!” Sandra saw my hand curl into a fist. She grabbed me and told me to relax. I took a deep breath, trying not to shove the dog up the lady's butt, which by the way was poorly done. I walked away giving her a death glare.

We walked into the elevator pressing the button to the ninth floor. The elevator dinged and the doors open. We made our way to Room 204. I took a deep breath and knocked. Seconds later Liam opened the door greeting us with a hug and inviting us in. we sat on the the couch while Louis, Niall, and Zayn were on the floor playing video games on the T.V.


“Harry is still in the shower. He'll be out any moment now.” I nodded. As I waited for Harry, Liam and I were getting along quite nicely. He kept telling me jokes and I swear I almost peed my pants. Niall was talking to Aylin about hamburgers or hotdogs and that boloney should not be considered food. Zayn and Sandra sat at the small table and Zayn was telling her about his family. I was about to say something when Harry opened the door of the bathroom revealing himself in only a towel covering his lower half and a pink shower cap. I burst out laughing at his appearance and he started blushing. He shuffled over to get clothes clutching the towel making sure it doesn't fall.


“You guys please look away.” he said with his cheeks still pink. We did as we were told and he grabbed his clothes and ran to the bathroom. The silence broke as we started cracking up. When the laughter died down Harry came out and ignored what just happened. “Who wants to watch a movie!” he yelled excitedly.


Liam shouted, “LETS WATCH TOY STORY!!” Everyone shouted NO at the same time making Liam sad and pulling a puppy dog face. I reached over and ruffled his hair.


“Lets watch The Mummy! Brendan Fraser is awesome in that movie!” I shouted “Pretty please,” I said batting my eyelashes and talking in a little kid voice, “It's my favorite movie.” Everyone finally gave in and I put it on. I sat next to Harry draping my legs over his lap. Niall had his arm over Aylin's shoulder, and Sandra was sitting in Zayn's lap. Throughout the movie I was quoting almost everything Evelyn said. By the time the movie was almost half over everyone was asleep and leaning on each other. Harry and I stayed awake. We were talking and he was talking in a cute sleepy voice. Out of nowhere he asked me a question. The question I really didn't want to answer or think about.


“Frida, I know we've known each other for only two days,” he said looking into my brown eyes, “but will you be my girlfriend.” I stared at him for a minute before getting up and running out of the room, leaving him surprised and confused.

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