Three girls go out to have a day of laughs and fun. What happens when they stumble upon a group of gorgeous guys? Who will get together? Who won't?


1. Summer

 It was Thursday the sun slowly crept through my bedroom window, filling my room with its glow. It was screaming
 'wake up Frida, summer is here.' My eyes slowly opened, seeing the light of a summers morning, I smiled and quickly got up. I stared at my room, just letting the idea of summer sink in. I rose from my bed and headed for the shower. I striped down and walked in, letting the warm water hit my bare back and feeling good. After taking care of my business in there I started putting on my outfit. It was a red Iron Man muscle shirt, black high waisted shorts, my old raggedy red converse and a sleeveless denim jacket on top. I just let my hair down and since it was straight I didn't do anything to it.


 I ran to my parents room and jumped on their bed yelling "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS! IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!" My parents groaned and turned to the opposite side of where I was. "Pleaasee I'm hungry. I want food!" My two sisters walked into the room rubbing the sleepiness out of their eyes. They laid in my parents bed snuggling up in their chests.


"Frida, you are 15. That is old enough to make your own breakfast," my father scolded me.


"But what if I burn the house down?" my father gave me an annoyed look, " Fine! But you guys are not getting any!" Making my way to the kitchen I can hear my parents slowly getting up. I grabbed my Iphone and checked if I had any new messages. 


To: Frida

From: Aylin

"FRIDAA IM BORED!! Wanna do something Saturday!?"


To: Aylin

From: Frida

"YEA! Wait let me ask my parents first. But do you wanna go to Disneyland? I can invite my cousin Sandra so it wont be toooo lonely."


To: Sandra

From: Frida

"Heyyy sandycakes wanna go to Disney with me and Aylin on Saturday if my parents let me??"


To: Frida

From: Sandra

"YESS my mom said yea. Ask ur mom if she can give us a ride though."


 As my dad walked into the kitchen I asked him if I could go somewhere on Saturday. He simply nodded his and opened the fridge. My mom overheard me and asked where. "I was thinking maybe we could go to Disneyland. All we need is a ride." My mother looked at me unsure.


"Is it fine with your friends mom?" my mom asked me. As if on cue Aylin texted me back saying that she could come.


"Yes Sandra's mom said yes and so did Aylin's," she gave me a nod and went to go help my dad with breakfast. I sent a text to both of them saying that we could go.


 The rest of the day was pretty much a bore. Just a lot of tumblr and texting. By the time it was 11 p.m. I was knocked out, my internal clock was not yet accustomed to the summer life. You could say that I was living like Larry.

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