One Step At A Time (One Direction Fanfiction)

Sam Wilson...she dreams of meeting One Direction. She's hasn't been to a concert...doesn't have much merch of them. She thinks that supporting them is good enough. Her best friend, Katie is the complete opposite. She has it all.

Sam is not your ordinary fangirl. She doesn't have the best stuff. She is kind and supportive.

All she wants to do is meet One Direction.

It's her biggest dream.


1. This Is Me!

Hello people.

My name Is Sam Wilson.

I'm a girl, just thought you should know. Short for Samantha.

I'm am a big time Directioner. BIG TIME!


I've said this once and I'll say it again. We are not obsessed, we are dedicated. 


It's been my dream to meet One Direction in person. I always say to myself that I'll meet them one day. I won't give up. See what I did there? You know...that one song, by Jason M---you know what, never mind.


I've never been to a concert. I don't have that much 1D merch. I have a few posters on my walls. It's not that I'm ashamed to be seen with this stuff. It's just that I can't afford this kind of stuff.


I'm 17. Still live with my parents and we aren't the best funded family in the world. I don't care. I think my support of the boys is what really matters.


My best friend, Katie, has it all. She is the girly one in our relationship. the tomboy. Hey, opposite do attract. She has the merch. She's been to many 1D concerts. One time, she tried to convince my parents to let me go with her. They refused and at that same concert, Katie got tripped by this crazy girl and ended up breaking her own arm. That day I was so thankful that my parents didn't let me go. I would probably get hurt as well. 


Crazy things happen at 1D concerts. But I really want to see them in person. Performing. I don't even know when that will happen. Ever. I've been a fan ever since Torn. I've heard, seen, and been through so much with this boyband.


Maybe, my day will come. Who knows how long that will be? I don't care. As long as I get to meet them before I die, I shouldn't be worrying. 


This is a big dream of mine. You know what else? They inspired me to be a musician. An artist in the music industry. All that they have accomplished, it's unbelievable.


One day I'll meet them.


I hope that day is soon. 

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