One Step At A Time (One Direction Fanfiction)

Sam Wilson...she dreams of meeting One Direction. She's hasn't been to a concert...doesn't have much merch of them. She thinks that supporting them is good enough. Her best friend, Katie is the complete opposite. She has it all.

Sam is not your ordinary fangirl. She doesn't have the best stuff. She is kind and supportive.

All she wants to do is meet One Direction.

It's her biggest dream.


2. Best Song Ever

I'm just chilling on a Saturday. I would call Katie, but she's probably shopping for One Direction stuff for herself.

I'm bored. What am I supposed to---what am I saying? It's You-Tube time!

For the tenth time today, I will listen to Best Song Ever because it's the best song ever!!!

The video had me laughing and singing nonstop. These boys...

"Said her name was Georgia Rose. And her daddy was a dentist. Said I had a dirty mouth. But she kissed me like she meant it." I sang loudly. Nobody was home. Hallelujah. 

"I said can I take you home with me, she said never in your wildest dreams.

And we danced all night to the best song ever. We knew every line now I can't remember. How it goes, but I know that I won't forget her. Cause we danced all night to the best song ever!" I yelled, while dancing around in the house.

That truly is the best song ever!!! I love that song. Could their music get any better? I bet it can.

Saturday's are so awesome. Perfect time to chill and eat and blast music.

Time to listen to it again. And again. And again. 

Then...I will tweet about it. I can't believe it's been 3 years they've been together. OMG. The fandom has been through so much in 3 years. Craziness. Tears. Epic feels. Fanfiction. Music Videos. They changed my life for sure. I couldn't be any prouder.

I think I'll get some Starbucks first. I love me Starbucks. It's right by my house. I could walk. 

My parents usually don't let me go out of the house alone. Well...Starbucks is just down the street. I don't know. Should I do this? 

"FOR NARNIA!" I yelled and ran outside. It was sprinkling a bit. Ah. Rain. So beautiful. I start walking and I eventually get to Starbucks. Short line. Yussss. 

"Give me coffee. Coffee lady." I said, when I got to the counter.

"Ahh. Hello Sam."

"Hi, Molli! You know the usual."

"Yes. Frappuccino, Double Chocolate Chip, w/ Whipped Cream." She said.

"Yuss. That's it." I personally don't drink coffee. I only get the stuff with no coffee in it. I wait about 5 minutes.

"Here ya go, Sam!" Molli yelled out my order.

"Thanks Molli! Gotta head back home."

"Why are you alone, this time?"

" parents weren't home and I sorta walked here."

"Dude. That's not safe." Molli lectured.

"Molli, I know. I just really wanted coffee."

"Sam, let me drive you home."

"Oh, alright." When we get home, I see my parents are already home. Just my luck.

"Hey, Molli, lets not go back home."

"Nice try, small fry. You gotta face the consequenses now."

"Why are you always so right?" I asked.

"Cuz I'm awesome." I laughed at her comment. We got to my house. When I opened the door, my parents looked angry, but relieved.

"Sam. Why did you leave the house...alone?" My stepdad said. Yes. I have a stepdad. I just don't like him. I just don't think he's good for my mom. She'll notice it someday.

"I'm sorry I just really wanted coffee and I didn't think you guys would mind if I just walked over there and---"

"Sam. Stop ranting. Thank you Molli for driving her back home. I'm so glad you were there today. Anything could have happened." My mom thanked Molli and Molli soon left to get back to her job.

"Sam...why did you do this? You never do things like this. Did Katie put you up to this?" My mom accused. My mom thinks Katie is a bad influence.

"No! She didn't. This was all me. I'm sorry, alright."

"Sam. Do you realize what could have happened out there? I'm sorry, but you're grounded for a week." My stepdad said.

"Are you actually serious? For walking across the street? Wow." I stormed upstairs. I might as well...I'm going to be here a while. 

This is my life. I get grounded. No one knows I exist. My average life and I'm 17. Almost an adult. This just sucks.

Somethin around here has to change and I have a strong feeling I'm going to change the most.





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