sqeual to What Do I Do

2. 2

Harry pov

      “Harry, I’m in BIG trouble. I need your help!!!! If I don’t see you, I just want you to know I love you. I will die happy. Shit, I will call back if I can, he is closing in on me. I love you Mr.Styles.”

The message replays for the millionth time. I listen to it every morning and every night for a year. After I got the message a year ago I got a call from the hospital saying that Olivia was in a car accident and died. I was never the same. The guys and I still are in the band. But honestly I don’t know for how much longer. I go to the concerts and only the concerts. Other than that I'm either going to be in the pub attempting to numb the pain or in my room sulking. I just wish she was here with me. Everyone misses her. At her funeral her parents felt like it was their fault. But it wasn't  it was a drunk driver. I haven’t thought on how she died much, but come to think of it, she never had a car, the hospital said she died in a car accident when the car hit hers… why am I think of this all of a sudden. The pieces don’t add up. Was it all a lie, could she be. Alive?

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