Emily Potter, Year 1

I’m Emily Lily Potter. If you haven’t already guessed by the last name, I’m Harry Potter's sister. We’re both the same age, we’re twins. I look like our mother and he looks like our father, Weird huh? I don’t live with the all terrible Dursley’s and I sure as heck don’t live under the stairs! I have been living with my godfather (Remus Lupin) since I was about 5. My mother (Lily Potter) dropped me off at the home of some Muggles less than a day before she died. But the first 5 years of my life were worse than Harry’s, since I was painfully skinny and usually ended cut by broken glass (I had magical issues with the windows). But Lupin managed to locate me when I was 5 and it was a heck of a lot better after that. Anyway, I’m going to go to Hogwarts soon and that should be real fun, maybe I’ll even make some friends!


5. Writing, Potions and to Dumbledore's Office


Emilys P.O.V.                                                                                                                                                                 

“So what do we have today Jasmine?” I asked as Jasmine happily looked over the schedule while shoveling breakfast into her mouth. She swallowed “Okay so first we’ve got Double Potions with the Slytherins.” Jasmine said and frowned “What’s so bad about Potions? It sounds fun!” I said cheerfully “Are you always this cheerful in the morning?” She asked and I shrugged “It’s not Potions that’s bad, it’s the teacher. Professor Snape, he hates everyone except for students from his own house, as the rumor goes.” Jasmine said and began to devour her found again

Catherine groaned as she sat next to Emily, “What’s wrong with you?” Jasmine asked looking over her “This is way too early.” She grumbled and began to eat.

Jasmine continued “But that’s towards the end of the day, before that we have Herbology, then Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Charms, Transfiguration then Potions.” Jasmine said and took a breath “If every day as packed as that?” Asked Cat who seemed to have woken up completely

“Yeah why?” asked Emily looking up from her breakfast “I’m Muggleborn remember? At my old Muggle School we just learned Math, English, Science, Social Studies and stuff like that for like half an hour.” Cat said

“Half an hour? That’s crazy!” Emily said “And yet the day still lasted 6 hours.” Cat said and Jasmine snickered lightly. We went to every class on time and enjoyed the majority of it. Cat seemed very interested in Herbology, and me and Jasmine in Defense Against the Dark Arts. But Quirrell’s class turned out to be a bit of a joke.

History of Magic put everyone to sleep and nobody really liked that class. Transfiguration was interesting but far too hard to do, nobody except Hermione Granger who successfully managed to turn her match into a needle. Mine had managed to turn hard and silver but lacked the point. Then came Potions, in which Jasmine was right about. Professor Snape seemed to hate everyone in Gryffindor. He especially hated my brother and asked him a bunch of questions, I happened to know the answer to.

Harry seemed to try and deal with it but that’s much harder than it looks (especially with Snape). We ended up making a simple Potion to cure boils. Neville managed to melt Seamus’s cauldron into a twisted blob as the potion spread across the floor burning holes in people’s shoes. Neville had been splashed with the potion and boils started to pop up all over his body.

Mine looked fine so I grabbed a jar from beside me and scooped up some of the potion and tipped the bottle over Neville’s head. The boils disappeared but Snape still yelled at him. He glared at Neville one last time. “Take him to the hospital wing… Miss Potter here may have not been able to undo your accident completely.” Snape hissed and Seamus helped him up and walked him to the hospital wing. Professor Snape knitted his brow “Wait Potter?” He asked me and I nodded my head. He looked at me in an odd way “A point to Gryffindor for your quick thinking Miss Potter.” Snape said “Alright everyone back to work!” He snapped and everyone did just that.

“Never in the history of Hogwarts has Snape actually given Gryffindor points or a point but still never!” Fred said from behind me the twins had caught up with us in the hallway. “How did you kn-“ I began “Rumors spread fast.” George said

He slapped me hard on the back “Nice going!” The Twins said in Unison and left. Jasmine smiled “They seem to be everywhere at once don’t they?” She said and I nodded Which reminded me, I had a letter to write.

Back in the Gryffindor Common Room I began writing my letter to Lupin.


Dear Lupin,

Much has happened in the past day and so far it’s all been great. First off I’m in Gryffindor. Same as Harry, which will make talking to him a lot easier. Most of my friends are also in Gryffindor, Catherine Torcher, The Weasley Twins and Jasmine Warlord. Except for Alex Shade, she’s in Slytherin and I’m will say I’m not surprised. I should still be able to be friends with her though.

Panther has been bugging me all day and I’m starting to want to be better at Transfiguration so I can turn him into an owl. Speaking of Transfiguration I’m not half bad at it! I tried to turn a match into a needle and only made it silver and hard, it didn’t become the right shape. I’m really good at Potions, and believe it or not but I earned a point for Gryffindor in it. Which (as most people have pointed out) has never ever happened… unless you’re in Slytherin of course. Professor Snape is head of Slytherin. Hates everyone else… in the entire school.

He loathes Harry. And I really mean that. He must hate that class. I’m pretty good at Herbology and will work harder in Charms. I have no hope of being good at Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Quirrell is terrified of his own class. But as long as he’s teacher I may be able to pass the class with an Acceptable.

I haven’t been late to a class yet though. People say that I should pray I won’t be. Since the caretaker Argus Filch is (as the Weasley Twins have said  on multiple occasions) is an ugly git. He has a cat Mrs. Norris, who is hated by everyone (even me) I’ve been here for one day and almost tripped over her at least twelve times! I like cats, but I wouldn’t mind giving her a good kick!

Well I have a fair amount of homework to do so I better wrap this up. I’ll write to you later on in the week (or sooner).


Emily Potter


I smiled dotting one last i. I dropped the letter in an envelope and sealed it. Now I just had to find The Owlery. Now where in the name of Merlin was that? I walked out of the portrait hole and searched for someone who would know. Then I had a good Idea and walked over to Harry. “Harry, do you know where The Owlery is?” I asked handing up the letter. “Oh yeah here I’ll show you.” Harry said leading me in the direction of The Owlery

“Thanks!” I said happily and walked alongside him. “I’ve actually been meaning to ask you something.” Harry said stopped in front of The Owlery “Oh well just let me send this and you can ask away.” I said smiling and walked in and handed the letter to a Great Grey Owl who beat his wings and flew off. I walked out “So what did you want to ask me?” I asked Harry who opened his mouth as Professor McGonagall came over to us.

“There you two are! I’ve had to search half of Hogwarts to find you. Follow me The Headmaster wants to see you.” Professor McGonagall said and we followed her wondering what on earth we’d just done.

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