Emily Potter, Year 1

I’m Emily Lily Potter. If you haven’t already guessed by the last name, I’m Harry Potter's sister. We’re both the same age, we’re twins. I look like our mother and he looks like our father, Weird huh? I don’t live with the all terrible Dursley’s and I sure as heck don’t live under the stairs! I have been living with my godfather (Remus Lupin) since I was about 5. My mother (Lily Potter) dropped me off at the home of some Muggles less than a day before she died. But the first 5 years of my life were worse than Harry’s, since I was painfully skinny and usually ended cut by broken glass (I had magical issues with the windows). But Lupin managed to locate me when I was 5 and it was a heck of a lot better after that. Anyway, I’m going to go to Hogwarts soon and that should be real fun, maybe I’ll even make some friends!


11. Troll and Professor Snape

Emily’s P.O.V.

Hermione let out a scream and I growled seeing that it was looking at us with an interest. “Hermione get moving. Head towards the door.” I snarled and slunk out from under the sinks. The Troll seeing me swung his club in my direction and with a great jump I was standing on top of one of the bathroom stalls. Hermione gasped “HERMIONE DO AS I SAY!” I howled and jumped onto the next stall as the Troll hit the one I was balancing on moments ago.

Snape’s P.O.V.

I stormed up to The Forbidden Corridor or the Third Floor. I wasn’t stupid I knew Quirrel was trying to get to The Sorcerer’s Stone. I was rushing along a hallway when a very stupid cat jumped in front of me. I tried to walk around it but the damn thing kept throwing its self in my way. It let out a long meow and twirled its tail around my leg. “Get away you stupid animal I have important things to do!” I snarled and the cat hissed at me clawing at me.

“Okay you stupid beast you asked for it.” And with that I went into its mind I was going to cause it a great deal of pain but….. “YOU IDIOT OF A PROFFESOR! GET DOWN TO THE GIRLS BATHROOM!!!!! PEOPLE ARE IN DANGER!!!!” it screamed and I raised my eye brows.

I had invaded creature’s minds before but never have they yelled at me…. Or have they spoken to me at all for that matter. “Who is in danger exactly and who’s cat are you?” I asked staring at the thing in mild confusion “Now you understand me! And Harry Potter, Ronald Weasely, Hermione Granger and my master are going to get killed by a Troll! Now if you will please stop being a git get some Professors and get there!” The cat hissed

“I don’t take orders from Felines!” I snarled “Oh for Merlin’s sake GET THE FREAK DOWN THERE!” He howled “Why should I?” I hissed back and the cat took a deep breath bowing its head into its white (well more of a cream) chest.

“Please listen to me. Please?” he asked and I rolled my eyes I had already wasted enough time. “Fine. Who the hell are you and who is your dumb master?” I asked following the cat who began to walk at a rather fast pace. “I’m Panther and my master is Emily Lily Potter. And Please just hurry up.” He meowed in an irritated voice

So the Potter twins had thrown themselves into danger. Typical. “Oh don’t think that they throw themselves into danger you-“ I cut the cat off by exiting its mind. Merlin that was annoying! At least now I didn’t have to hear it. “Severus where on earth do you think you’re going! We have to find the troll!” Professor McGonagall hissed

Great. I stopped on cat from ordering me around and I got another. “Minerva..” I growled “Are you following a cat?????” She asked glaring at me I didn’t answer that. “Are you sick?” she asked hovering about me…. If I wasn’t in school grounds…..

Emily’s P.O.V.

“HEY FUNGUS FACE!!!! OVER HERE!” I yelled doing backflips on top of the bathroom stalls in which was one of my specialty’s. Hermione was trying to slink away undetected until Mr. Great Eyesight Troll saw her and tried to smash her with his club. (breaking the sink in the corner… Mr. Bad Aiming Troll) “NO you stupid Troll! Over here Dammit!” I howled and Hermione glared at me for my foul mouth.

“How do you even know so many muggle curses?”

“Most of them are used in the Wizarding World as well!”

I was not exactly in the mood to discuss where I get all my curses… Then again I was never ‘in the mood’. The troll pretty much started breaking all the sinks. Leaving Hermione under the last one…. So if he smashed it Hermione would be dead.

I then remembered something that The Weasley Twin’s had dumped on me. (Don’t make me get into that story) A Snitch that they had taken in their first year, I yanked it out of my pocket and chucked it at the Trolls head. It hit him on the side of the head and opened up, flying about and distracting the Troll.

It buzzed about his head like a tiny bee and with a simple flick of my wand it had fallen down to the ground a lifeless golden ball. I smiled, and the Troll swung his club at me…. Taken by surprise I was hit….. Not wanting to die I drug my fingernails into it and ignored the pain as the wood dug into my fingertips. But not being a cat I lost my grip and (since the Troll was swinging the club still) was hit hard in the stomach and hit the ground with a thud….. temporarily unconscious.

Harry’s P.O.V.

Me and Ron were rushing down the hallway. Ron wasn’t too happy about the idea.... But it wasn’t my idea of a cup of tea either. We came into the girl’s bathroom and the place was a wreck. The sinks were broken; the bathroom stalls were crushed, and even a bit of the ceiling had crashed in. Lying in a lifeless heap was my sister, a cut over her eye was dripping blood down her face. And Hermione was hiding in the corner.

Oh and a Mountain Troll was standing in the middle of all of this….. I tried to drag Hermione out of the room but she was frozen in fear. Ron got cornered by the thing and I sort of took a great running jump and managed to fasten my arms around the Troll’s neck. My wand had been in hand when I jumped ad it went up one of the troll’s nostrils. It twisted and flailed about howling in pain.

 Emily gained consciousness at that point in time and rather quickly hopped onto a bathroom stall with amazing agility for someone who had been unconscious no more than a minute ago. I’m guessing she was rather dizzy because she was sort of swaying back and forth the way a dizzied person does and almost lost her balance twice.

Ron was sort of in a state of panic. And pulled out his own wand “Wingardium Leviosa!” he said and the club came out of the trolls hand and hit him on the head with a sickening crack. It fell forward. I hopped off it and yanked my wand out of its nose. “Urgh troll boogers.” I sad in a disgusted tone and thoroughly wiped my wand on the trolls trousers.

Emily still stood up on the bathroom stall and groaned unhappily. “My head.” She grumbled and tried very hard to wipe all the blood off of her face. And blinked several times to try and get the blood out of her eye. Ouch.

Then Professor Snape, McGonagall and Quirrell (who fainted at the sight of the troll) burst into the girls bathroom. Emily then fell off the bathroom stall and hit the ground with a thunk. A large black and white tom hopped onto her lap purring loudly. “Hey Panther.”

Professor Snape gave me a piercing look and gave Emily a look that said “Don’t do that again”. He then bent over the troll examining it for whatever reason….. Only then did I realize that we were screwed!

Emily’s P.O.V.

“Well Quirrel’s plan has failed…… I guess that’s good…” Said Professor Snape but he wasn’t saying it….. it was more like a thought. “Why what was Professor Quirrel’s plan?” I asked (not moving my lips of anything) his head shot up and he stared at me I confusion, bewilderment and surprise. His eyes locked with mine and I cocked my head to the right in curiosity.

I had failed to notice that McGonagall had been yelling at us….. “Something wrong S-Severus?” asked Professor Quirrell “No.” he snarled in response and glared at the troll. What had I heard? Was that one of his thoughts? No not possible don’t be silly.

Hermione took the blame for this whole incident and although 5 points were taken from Griffindor  15 were awarded…… Thanks to Harry, me and Ron.

So not all of today was a waste of time. Oh that reminds me I should write to Lupin!










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