Emily Potter, Year 1

I’m Emily Lily Potter. If you haven’t already guessed by the last name, I’m Harry Potter's sister. We’re both the same age, we’re twins. I look like our mother and he looks like our father, Weird huh? I don’t live with the all terrible Dursley’s and I sure as heck don’t live under the stairs! I have been living with my godfather (Remus Lupin) since I was about 5. My mother (Lily Potter) dropped me off at the home of some Muggles less than a day before she died. But the first 5 years of my life were worse than Harry’s, since I was painfully skinny and usually ended cut by broken glass (I had magical issues with the windows). But Lupin managed to locate me when I was 5 and it was a heck of a lot better after that. Anyway, I’m going to go to Hogwarts soon and that should be real fun, maybe I’ll even make some friends!


20. Now thats just sick

Emily's P.O.V. (like I even need to type that)

Okay skipping through the rest of that day blah blah blah slept like crap! AH yes DETENTION!!!!!!!!! I slunk down the Potions room at the exact time (if not a few minutes earlier) most Slytherins smiled as they passed by me, seeing that yet again another Griffindor had been sent to detention…. Why I was in a good mood was beyond me.

So basically I cleaned a good bit of the potions classroom by hand. Luckily I happen to be good at this, after all I did this since I could walk…. Even when I was with Lupin who disagreed with me exhausting myself doing a task he could easily use magic for.

“Why are you so sickeningly happy?” Professor Snape asked looking up from the papers he was grading “I don’t actually know! I just feel like something exciting is going to happen today!” I chirped

He gave a sneer and roll of his eyes in response as I continued to thourghly scrub a caldron. Horary… anywho I went through that for an hour but was actually happy…. I mean I wasn’t getting beaten up while I was cleaning. Ahaha I shouldn’t be speaking of this.

Okay so nothing interesting happened I left DADA and went to the library and fell asleep reading about The Salem Witch Hunts (Which are fascinating if you’ve ever cared to come across the topic). I anyway found that it was painfully late and got lost….. how original.

Well by the time I knew where I was I ran into Hermione who was supporting Ron (who looked rather unconscious especially since his head was hanging at such a limp uncomfortable angle.) “Emily! Oh thank Merlin you’re here! Harry he went down to confront Snape! He’s going after the Sorcerer’s Stone! The- Where are you going!?!?!” Hermione called as I stormed off “TO GO KICK MY BROTHERS ASS!” I called back and stormed into The good ol Forbidden Room thing. I walked in and slammed the door shut.

Fluffy looked at me and growled, without even pausing in my walk I snarled “Sit.” And Fluffy whimpered and sat down. Went through those obnoxious obstacles (rather simple by the way) and  walked in on Quirrel showing off Voldemort’s face on the back of his head.

“Oh that’s just sick.” I said wrinkling my nose up in disgust “Oh you.” Voldemort said rolling his eyes “Emily w-what the heck are you doing here?” Harry asked looking equally disgusted “I came here to kick your ass but it seems as though you’ve already got yourself in a tight predicament with Lord Asshole and his minion Quirky.” I hissed

Voldemort narrowed his eyes and Quirrel looked like he was struggling not to turn around and beat the crap out of me. Yeah I called him Quirky! I’m so respectful to my DADA teacher. “Ah yes now we have The Boy Who Lived and The Girl with a Sharp Tongue.” Voldemort scoffed

“Thanks for the nickname I absolutely love it.” I mused sarcastically “May I shut her up master?” Quirrel asked “Of course Quirrel, she is an ignorant child, and deserves to die.” Voldemort hissed turning around Quirrel smiled

“Shit.” I snarled and scrambled about the room yelling things like “Come back here so I can kill you!” and “Useless child you’ll regret running!”. Of course I wouldn’t, I mean he WAS trying to kill me.

He finally grabbed the back of my shirt and yanked me up into the air (curse my average height!). Harry sort of watched in horror (thanks for the help bro). He turned me around so I was facing him (still in midair). He then grabbed my throat and held me up.

Okay first that hurt, he was trying to strangle me of course. Second he needs to cut his bloody nails he should NOT have claws that dig into my throat. I digress, anyway. It freaking hurt, couldn’t breathe, felt rather pathetic.

“Oh just drop her we have more important matters.” Said Voldemort… from the back of Quirrel’s head. (still kinda weirded out by that).

Anyhow from lack of oxygen I was slow…. So I didn’t move my feet in time and I fell on my back my head hitting the stone floor…. Very hard. And I’m not a Lycan…. So I lost consciousness…

I sort of regained consciousness later on that night. I felt someone pick me up, and heard the loud beating of someone’s heart. I felt tired and my eyelids felt too heavy to open, so I just let out a mewling whimper and pretty much fell asleep.


*sorry this is so shitty I was doing this scene from memory*




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