Emily Potter, Year 1

I’m Emily Lily Potter. If you haven’t already guessed by the last name, I’m Harry Potter's sister. We’re both the same age, we’re twins. I look like our mother and he looks like our father, Weird huh? I don’t live with the all terrible Dursley’s and I sure as heck don’t live under the stairs! I have been living with my godfather (Remus Lupin) since I was about 5. My mother (Lily Potter) dropped me off at the home of some Muggles less than a day before she died. But the first 5 years of my life were worse than Harry’s, since I was painfully skinny and usually ended cut by broken glass (I had magical issues with the windows). But Lupin managed to locate me when I was 5 and it was a heck of a lot better after that. Anyway, I’m going to go to Hogwarts soon and that should be real fun, maybe I’ll even make some friends!


6. A Chat with Harry Potter

Emily’s P.O.V.

“Professor what exactly have we done wrong?” Harry asked, “I have only been told to get you two and bring you to the Headmaster’s office. I have not been informed on why.” McGonagall answered and led us into the headmaster’s office. I was rather worried, what on earth had I done? Was I going to get expelled? Dumbledore stepped from behind his desk and smiled at us.

“You’re not in trouble.” He said and the both of us sighed in relief. “I believe you Emily will know why you are here more than Harry.” Dumbledore said and I sort of got the hint. “Ohhhhhhhhh.” I said and sighed now knowing what the topic at hand was I became much more relaxed. “What? Why would she know more than me why we are here?” Harry asked now looking between me and Dumbledore in desperation.

For some reason I liked the feeling of knowing something Harry didn’t. “Well Harry as you know all your relatives are deceased, except for the Dursley’s.” Dumbledore began and Harry seemed to be kind of lost. “And the Dursley’s hardly count.” Harry said “Well… That’s not exactly true.” Dumbledore said and Harry looked very interested.

“So someone in my family besides the Dursley’s is living.” Harry said and Dumbledore nodded “And she happens to be standing right beside you. Emily Lily Potter your twin sister.” Dumbledore said and Harry sort of looked at me with a look of happiness and disbelief. “I think you two can handle it from here, you can leave.” Dumbledore said and we walked out of his office, I being happier than I had in a few hours.

“Then I got on the train to Hogwarts and I was here. What about you? Who are you living with anyway?” Harry asked as he finished up his life story, in which half of I already knew about. We were talking in the Griffindor common room. “Me, not really all that much to talk about, I live with my godfather Remus Lupin and have done so since I was about 5. Before that I was living with Lupin I was stuck with some horrid muggles. There were two girls older than me and they liked to mess about with me, much like how Dudley did to you and their mother was the worst. I was attacked by a large snake roughly 3 months ago and still walk with a limp and I learned how to read at the age of 8.” I said and Harry nodded his head in an understanding fashion.

“Seriously? You knew you were a witch? Wait you didn’t learn how to read till you were 8?” Harry asked “Yeah I’ve known I was a witch well since I was like 5. And yeah believe it or not I didn’t learn to read until I was 8…” I said and laughed lightly “Your Lucky I didn’t learn I was a wizard until a month ago… geez how are our lives so different?” Harry asked

 “I really don’t know.” I said and paused “Do you ever wish you could talk to them? You know our parents?” I asked looking down in a saddened sort of way.

“Yes, all the time… and Voldemort is still out there! It makes me sick knowing the murderer of so many people still exists.” Harry said, hate flooding through his eyes. I knew the feeling to, sometimes I wish I could kill him…. Maybe when I learned to duel I could track him down and kill him so that all this fear and worry could be a thing of the past.

“Voldemort is a lot less powerful without all his followers. Well half of them are in Azkaban or dead. Still some of them are still out there apparently good. I don’t trust any, Once a Death Eater always a Death Eater.” I snarled “Death Eater?” Harry asked looking at me “That’s what Voldemort’s followers call themselves. Stupid name in my opinion.” I said and Harry nodded now understanding.

A pure white Snowy Owl flew in through the window. She dropped a letter at Harry’s feet happily. “Another letter from Hagrid.” He said, The Owl twisted her head around to look at me. She began to fly and landed on my head. I laughed “So that’s Hedwig?” I asked

Harry nodded and smiled seeing that she was standing on my head. She hooted happily, “Hi.” I said looking up at the owl, that looked down at me. She cocked her head one way and then the other. She flew off my head and onto Harry’s shoulder.

“Hey did you hear about the break in at Gringotts?” I asked looking at Harry as he wrote a reply. “Yes and I was at the safe that was broken into. Well before it was broken into.” Harry said and looked up at me. “Really what was in it?” I asked and Harry shrugged “Hagrid took this really small package wrapped in brown paper. He said it was Important Hogwarts Business.” Harry said and gave his reply to Hedwig who took it in her beak and flew out.

“You have a cat right?” Harry asked and I nodded “Panther, he’s a nice cat.” I said and then for the first time since after leaving Dumbledore’s office we were silent. “Do you know what class we have next?” I asked and Harry cursed and I gasped “WE’RE LATE FOR POTIONS!” We both shrieked and leapt up scrambling about. We found our potions supplies and rushed through the Portrait hole and down the hallway. We ran across a staircase and I got my foot stuck in a trick stair.

Harry yanked me out and he lost his balance and we both fell down the stairs onto Fred and George. We all groaned. “Sorry guys.” Harry moaned and crawled off of Fred. I hopped off of George “Should have been more alert right Fred?” George said and Fred nodded and rubbed his neck to try and rid it of pain. I fell over again being very dizzy.

“We’re late for Potions!” Harry said and yanked me up by my wrist. “We have to get there before Snape makes us into a Potion, Or takes away all the points from Griffindor!” Harry gasped and shook his head to try and get it to stop spinning I would guess.

“Can you tell us exactly where the Potion’s classroom is?” I asked and put my hands on my head as blood pounded in my ears. Fred rubbed his back and George put a hand to his head. They told us how to get there and we quickly thanked them and apologized for falling on them.

We rushed into the classroom and Snape’s eyes fell on the both of us. “ Mr. Potter finally cared to join us. And Miss. Potter.” Snape said and stared at the both of us at Harry with pure loathing and at me with curiosity. “Well sit down!” He snarled seeing that both of us were still looming in the back of the room. “And close the door.” He said and I went back and shut the door. Me and Harry ended up sitting next to each other seeing that there were no more seats (unless you wanted to sit beside Neville who no one sat next to in fear of being paired with him).

We than made some Potion that had something to do with warding off Vampires. Septimus Night looked terrified; I am telling you he is a vampire. Harry was paired with me so I started screwing about with the ingredients while Harry monitored the cauldron, fire and occasionally read aloud. I began chopping off spider’s legs and crushing snake fangs, then I grabbed some beetles and crushed them too, I grabbed some rat spine and tossed that in there, a newt’s spleen, a Whomping Willow leaf, and of course garlic.

“Stir twice clockwise after potion is boiling.” I said and Harry looked at the boiling cauldron, and stirred it twice clockwise no questions asked. I looked at the book and cut off a lock of my own hair. Harry watched as the liquid turned the shade of my hair, red. “Harry add some of your hair in there too. I have to check something.” I muttered and began searching through the book. I nodded my head and told Harry to stir the thing counterclockwise once. He looked at me and the book. “Just do it.” I said and Harry did just that the color became a sunset red… not yet the color it should be.

I rolled my tongue about in my mouth and looked at Harry as if for help. “Don’t look at me I stink at Potions.” He said and put both his hands up in surrender. I frowned and picked up the knife used for cutting roots and such and ran it across the back of my hand.

Harry looked at me with great alarm as I let six drops of my blood far into the cauldron turning the potion a bloodied red. It smelled like garlic, rosemary and snake venom the three things vampires hate the most. By adding DNA of the people who should be warded off by the vampires would be protected. I looked over to see Septimus his hand over his nose; he looked more pale than usual.

Septimus’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body went limp and toppled to the floor as he lost consciousness. He had been paired up with Aiden Saww a Slytherin who enjoyed a good prank. His face was freckled and his eyes blue, his hair was a mess of light brown curls. He looked over at his partner in alarm. Professor Snape was already there. He looked over him “Mr. Saww take Mr. Night to the hospital wing.” He said and Aidan pulled him up and slung Septimus’s arm across his shoulder. Peyton West joined him (blue eyes, longish curly hair of a grey brown color, big smile, fun personality, and good at “basketball”)

Together they drug Septimus out of the room. “Well seeing that the class is almost over… Let’s see who actually accomplished the task at hand.” Snape said and walked about criticizing almost everyone’s potion, even some of the ones from his own house. He paused at mine and Harry’s. He looked at the Potion in curiosity. He saw my bleeding hand and I quickly pulled it into my sleeve.

“That’s the first done properly in years. Good Job.” He said not meeting mine or Harry’s eye. We high-fived under the desk. Hermione looked at me and mouthed ‘How?’ I saw that hers was a light brown. ‘I’ll tell you later.’ I mouthed back and Hermione smiled lightly. Ron was sitting behind Harry. “Nice going.” He said to the both of us and gave us two thumbs up. “Seeing that The Potters are the only ones to fully succeed in this task, 10 points will be awarded to Griffindor.” He said and all the Griffindor’s mouths opened wide.

“10 points?” George and Fred asked at the same time as I left the classroom. “Yes.” I said “Miss Potter would you come here for a moment?” Professor Snape asked and I smiled at Hermione and The Twins in an apologetic way and walked back into the cold, dark classroom shutting the door behind me.

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