What happens in Australia, Stay's in Australia

The saying of: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, has been officially tainted. Cody meets the girl of his dreams. Literally, he saw this girl in many dreams, and recently too. He wants to runaway from home and go back to Australia, but he wants her to go with him. She has to decide if she'll escape to "The Land Down Under" or stay in the "Land of The Free". And if they do, how will they pull it off? what will they risk? and what will happen after getting there?


1. Cody meets "Her"

Cody's P.O.V

                 It was a great summer day, was chillin' at the beach with my best mate, Jake Thurpp. We went surfing and had ice cream on the sand, then it happened...

"I thought she was nice, but she a had a cold taste." I said to Jake.

"Mh-hm" he answered as if being hypnotized.

"Jake?" I said, freaking out.

"She's hot, isn't she?" he said starring behind me. I turned to see...her. A hot brunette in a turquoise bikini with a white see through skirt around her waist she looked about 14 or 15 years old. Her long ,straight hair moving in the breeze, almost in slo-mo and a perfect skin tone, not too pale and not too tan either. She had a beautiful smile across her face. She had beach bag crossed over her, and a surfboard in her arm. She looked at me and stopped, her smile disappeared and she dropped her board. I walked towards her.

Lizett's P.O.V

I couldn't believe my eyes, there, right in front of me I saw international pop star: Cody Simpson, THE Cody Simpson & he was staring right at me. I froze and dropped my board, he stood up and walked up to me. I brushed a lock of my hair from my face, he was getting closer then he stopped 2 inches away from my face. My heart was beating fast, but I breathed slowly I felt like I was asphyxiating. He bent down and picked up my board,

"Here" he said smiling.

"Thanks" I said, I smiled back then he introduced me to his mate.

"Uh, this is Jake" he said.

"Lizett, it's a pleasure" I said extending my hand.

"As is mine" he said shaking my hand.

"Oh, I gotta go, catcha later Codes" he said walking back to get his board and he left.

"Well, now it's just you and me" he said enthusiastically.

"Yup" I said pursing my lips.

"so, um, d...do you have a boyfriend" he asked hoping I would say no.

"No I don't, why do you ask?" I said thinking he'd ask me out.

"Good, that's good, uh..." he said nervously.

"How is that 'good'?" I said cheerfully so he wouldn't take me wrong.

"I dunno" he laughed.

I laughed "I'm looking for the perfect guy, someone that's... a Gentleman as one might say"

"Really?" he said in those fake surprised voices. "Well in that case, do you mind if he's Australian?" he asked.

"Maybe I don't, maybe I do" I said tempting to make him sound desperate.

"Lizett? Can I ask you for a favor?" he said in a deep serious voice.

"Sure" I said as if nothings going on.

"I have to see your license and registration please ma'am, you just stole my heart. " he said in a funny over-the-announcer-voice.

"Ok" I said, and I inclined towards him and kissed him tenderly on the lips, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back, one hand completely around my waist and the other by the back of my neck holding me towards him so I wouldn't pull away.

I stopped kissing him. "So" I said blushing "wanna catch some waves?" I asked.

"By all means" he held his hand toward the ocean. I helped him with his wetsuit and he helped me with mine. "Surfs up!" I yelled punching him lightly on the shoulder and ran towards the first wave. "Oh, now you're gonna get it!" I could hear him say and he ran behind me. "Cawabunga!" he yelled and caught the second wave behind me. We pretended to run our boards into each other so we could each other off guard. It was a great day for us, we had found love.


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