Mistaken Identity

I've loved him. But from the side of the street, or the back of the classroom. I just wanted to feel him. His kiss, his hands up my waist, him whispering in my ear. But there was one tiny fault: his skank. The girl who only cared about having Harry under her every command. She didn't care about his feelings or his heart like I did. She had a mistaken identity that he still needed to find out.


10. chapter nine

"What are you going to do Haiden?"  Alicia asked me, whilst I walked back and forth in my room,

"I havta tell her."

"But, you're not with Harry."

"So, it doesn't matter. I'm pregnant Alicia."

"OK, let's go."


I sat my mum down at the table. She knew something was up, but refused to ask me anything. Alicia stood by my side and was supporting me. Finally she spoke.

"What's wrong, baby?" she asked

"Mum, I'm sorry." I whispered.

"Babe, what's going on?"

I turned to Alicia who just put her head down. She patted my back and sat down on the stool.

"Mum, I'm sorry," I took a deep breath "I'm... Pregnant."

She put her head down, and put her head in her hands. I instantly regretted it. Everything. The flirting. The dancing. The sex, mostly.

"Haiden. Do you know what this means?"

"Yeah, mum." I whispered

"I'm going to be a Grandmummy."

I started crying and she pulled me in a hug. She started, too.

"I'm so sorry, mum. I really am."

"It's ok. But you're going to grow up and raise this baby. I'll help and support you everything," she paused "but I will not do everything for you."

"OK. Thanks, mum." I gave her one last hug and me and Alicia went up to my room. I was shocked, she didn't ask who the father was. Oh. Well, I thought I might as well go see Harry. I mean, I'm pretty mad at him, but I mean, we needed to talk things out. I texted him to meet me at the diner across town and he replied with a yes. I got ready by doing my makeup, leaving it really natural and light. I put on a dark grey tank and a pair of black Soffe's. I put in my black Vans and left. Alicia took her car home and I took my mums to the diner. I arrived first. I just sat there and waited. It was quiet, but you could overhear other conversations. I had to much on my mind to really listen in. I heard the bell on the top of the door open to reveal Harry. He eyeballed the room, and finally spotted me. He smiled and waved, sitting in the opposite side of the booth.

"What are you going to do?"

"The baby? Probably adoption."

"How about just abortion?" he whispered

"If that's what you think is best. I can't keep this baby."

"I think it's fine. At least you won't have to tell your mum."

I look him startled, "I already told her, Harry."

His expression filled with anger and he stood up, "Why?"

"Because she's my mum?"

"So. Oh God, Haiden."


"Nothing, just I didn't really mean for this to happen."

"And you think I did?" I spat back

"No, but you obviously want it, if you told your mum, and I bet Alicia knows, too."

"Goodbye, Harry." I sad getting up and leaving. I saw him sit down and his face entered his hands. I'm not getting an abortion. Adoption, I guess.



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