Mistaken Identity

I've loved him. But from the side of the street, or the back of the classroom. I just wanted to feel him. His kiss, his hands up my waist, him whispering in my ear. But there was one tiny fault: his skank. The girl who only cared about having Harry under her every command. She didn't care about his feelings or his heart like I did. She had a mistaken identity that he still needed to find out.


5. chapter four

I smiled to myself and looked up, only seeing his lips and eyes that sparkled brightly. 

"Hmm, if I told you my name, then that would totally ruin the whole theme of the party," I spoke cockily. He smirked and nodded. 

"Fair, fair, but I'd still like to know who you are just I'm case I want to see you after tonight." I shrugged and continued to dance with him, swaying my body back and forth alone with his. 

"Well, I know who you are and, to me, that's all that matters." He raised an eyebrow and pursed his lips. 

"What's my name?" he asked, clueless to my knowledge. I chuckled and pulled my best shocked face ever. 

"Why you're the bad boy Harry Styles. Anyone with a brain would know that!" I said with my hand covering my mouth. He chuckled and nodded. 

"Why, yes that's true. But, sorry. This boy's off the market." I rolled my eyes and nodded sarcastically. 

"Yeah, because watching your girlfriend slam the table and curse your name before walking away sure seems like a good relationship. Your girlfriend there's a keeper." I was dying inside telling me that he still wanted to be with her. He stopped dancing and stepped back. 

"What do you mean? She loves me!" I rolled my eyes again and stormed down to Adam's bedroom. I knew exactly where it was. I've been here so many times. 

I slammed the door shut and laid on the bed. Why did this life have to be so complicated? There was a knock followed by Adam's head popping through. 

"You ok there? I heard you yelling and then saw you come in here. What's wrong?" He sat down on the bed next to me and stared at me waiting to answer. 

"Harry. What else is new?" I asked with a sarcastic tone. He nodded understandingly. "He just pisses me off so much. I told him how Sabrina isn't a good girlfriend and he flipped. I just don't get it. What does he see in her?!" I yelled at him. He flinched and sighed. 

"The sex. What else would you think?" I sighed and flopped back down on the bed. 

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that." I rolled my eyes. He laid back ought next to me. 

"Come here." He stood up and grabbed my hand. He pulled me out of the bedroom and down the hallway. He pulled me accross the rooms until we landed I'm his backyard. 

"What the hell is this?" I asked with a slight chuckle. He pulled me farther into the yard. "Adam, where are we going?" I demanded. He gave me an evil smirk an pulled me into the bushes next to his yard. He crawled through a space and told me to follow. I complied to his orders and crawled after him. I was brought to this spot of perfect grass with the perfect view of the sky. He lied on his back and sighed with joy. 

"Isn't it great?" he asked, in awe of the perfect night sky with twinkling lights floating around. I laid done next to him and smiled. 

"It's gorgeous. How come I never knew about this?" I asked while gazing at the stars dancing in the black night sky. He nodded and laid his hands on his chest. 

"I come here when I need to think. I've never shown anyone else this. Not even Alicia. I thought you would like it here. It helps clear all of your thoughts." I smiled at him and nodded. 

"Thanks Adam." He pretended to blush and chuckled. 

"Your welcome. Doesn't it help?" I looked back uo at the sky painted with the sparkling lights. I nodded and whispered yes. It was so beautiful. 

"I feel bad. Go back to your party. I'll sit here for a little longer. Go have fun." He nodded and sat up. He leant down and kissed my cheek. 

"Come in soon or I'll call the police thinking that you were kidnapped or murdered." I giggled and nodded. He crawled back out and into the house. I heard the bushes rustling, but my mind was somewhere else. Before I knew it, there was someone next to me. 

"Isn't it beautiful?" Alicia asked. I looked at her and giggled. 

"How'd you find this place?" I asked, shocked that she found me. 

"I watched Adma crawl out. He's not the very best at being sneaky." I giggled and nodded. It was very true. 

"He brought me here to think. Harry pissed me off, like usual. Why can't I get over him?" She placed her hand on mine and shrugged. A sigh escaped her lips before she spoke. 

"Because you two are meant to be. It's fate," she whispered before she got up and left my thoughts and I alone, wondering about what God had planned for me. 

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