Mistaken Identity

I've loved him. But from the side of the street, or the back of the classroom. I just wanted to feel him. His kiss, his hands up my waist, him whispering in my ear. But there was one tiny fault: his skank. The girl who only cared about having Harry under her every command. She didn't care about his feelings or his heart like I did. She had a mistaken identity that he still needed to find out.


12. chapter 11

2 more weeks passed. The doctor said she could come any day now. Harry's been staying with me for a couple days now. I'm excited and nervous. Adam and Alicia are constantly over, helping me out. My mum has been really supportive and so has Hope, the adoptive mum. She comes over sometimes, but not often. 

Some days me and Harry where alone, like on June 7th. My mum was out with her sisters. It was late and Harry was asleep. I couldn't sleep because of the pain. I knew where this was headed. Labor pains. I wasn't going to wake Harry until anything bad happened. I lay in bed next to him on my side so my back is to him and I'm facing the wall. It was about 11:30 pm, so it was dark. I managed to drift off only to be awoken by Harry. He was lightly rubbing my shoulder trying to wake me up. I opened my eyes and sat up. There was a huge wet spot on the bed. How did I not know this? Did my water just break? I stood up and called my mum. She was an hour away. Such good that was doing. I called Alicia and Adam and they came over in a hurry. Harry called Hope and she said she was on her way. I can't believe this is happening. Harry drove me to the hospital and everyone except my mum met us there. The pains got stronger and closer. I was put in a room and hooked up to many machines. IV's in my arms, and doctors looking between my legs, it was so annoying. I had to be in labor for about 9 hours before I could finally have the epidural. Soon, it was time to push. 

Sweat was dripping down my face, as Harry held one leg and Alicia held the other. The doctor was in the middle slowly helping the baby enter the world. He held the baby up and lay her on my chest. I started crying and so did Harry. She was cleaned off and taken away. I asked to be alone and everyone exited the room except Harry. I lay in the bed on my side and he sat in the chair next to me, tracing my face.

He whispered to me,"You'll be back here one day, babe. Don't know if it'll be with me, but you'll be back here, and this time you'l get to take him or her home."

I was silent crying. A few tears falling and a few sniffles here and there "I know Harry. I know." I whispered before I lost it.  Biting onto the pillow because of the pain. The pain of knowing that she's no longer mine. I carried her for nine months. I made her. I dealt with the stares and the judging. It was all for nothing. She's not mine. She never will be. She's with someone who will love her and care for her. That's all that mattered I guess.

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