Mistaken Identity

I've loved him. But from the side of the street, or the back of the classroom. I just wanted to feel him. His kiss, his hands up my waist, him whispering in my ear. But there was one tiny fault: his skank. The girl who only cared about having Harry under her every command. She didn't care about his feelings or his heart like I did. She had a mistaken identity that he still needed to find out.


11. chapter 10 *flash forward*

"Ugh!" I groaned as I sat in my bed, eating. This whole baby thing is getting old.  just wanna pop the thing out. I had a doctor's appointment soon, to see how the little youngster is doing. I'm due in a few weeks, so I'm excited. Harry and I found the perfect family for her, and we've decided to have an open adoption. We can still see her and are given updates on her life. The woman's name is Hope, and her husband's name is Ainsley. They're really nice. We're still picking out names for her, but Darcy is mine and Harry's choice and Everly is their choice. I grabbed my phone and decided to post a picture on Facebook of how the baby is doing.

Haiden Parks:

36 weeeks! ahh, time flies. wanna pop the thing out now<3  with- Harry Styles Hope Smith Ainsley Smith


I arrived at the doctors office and was called back within minutes. I lay on the bed in the small white room and the doctor soon entered. He put the gooey stuff on my belly and began to move the tool around my tummy. I got to see her little face and hands and everything. This is so sereal. He smiled and told me everything was alright. He wiped the gel off my pelvis and I stood up. 

"So do you have a birth plan yet?" He asked

"Yes, I do. I was thinking about a natural birth." I smiled

"Great, and who will be in the room? Your spouse I'm guessing."

"I'm actually single. The baby's father, my best friend, my mum and the adoptive mum."

"Ok, great. I wish you the best to everything, Ms. Parks."

"Thank you." I said whilst grabbing my bag and walking out with him. I continued to the door as he stopped at the desk, gossiping with the other nurse. I unlocked my car and got in, driving to Alicia's. I knocked on the door and was greeted by her mum. She allowed me access and I walked up to her room. She was sitting on her computer and I sat on her bed, getting out my ultrasound pictures. We looked at them in awe. It's crazy to think, really. We laughed and cried together, sharing so many memories. I'm glad to say she'll be an auntie, just the same as I'll be a mummy. Even though I don't get to keep her, I'm still a mum. I still went through all of this. She's my baby. My phone buzzed and showed a text from Harry. 

'Can we meet up td? talk about the baby? call me. x'

'uh, i'm at alicias meet me there.'

'ok, ill be by. x'

Alicia and I waited for him to arrive and she walked me out when he texted that he was there. He was wearing a grey shirt and a green beanie. We sat on her porch, and he asked me questions. I showed him the ultrasound pictures and his face lit up upon looking down at the pictures

"I wish you would have called. I would've went."

"It's ok, don't waste your time."

"It's not wasting my time, if I care."

"Thanks, Harry. But I'm over with doctors appointments, until the actual baby gets here." I smiled

"Cool, I'm excited. But I wanna ask you something, Haiden." 


"When the due date gets closer and closer, could I stay at your place?"

"Um, I have to check with my mum. But I don't see a problem, I mean I'm already pregnant." I chuckled, trying to lighten the mood.

"Sure. Text me when you find out, I've got to get going now."

"Ok, bye Harry." I got up and hugged him.

He pulled away in his car, and Alicia asked if I wanted to spend the night, I said yes of course. We haven't done that since I found out I was pregnant. We drove to my house to get some stuff for the sleepover and then watched movies at her house all night. God, how I love this girl.

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