city to the country

syd is 16 yrs old and friends with zz. syd has a crush but hes a country boy so she goes through alot of pain trying to get liam to fall in love with her. the day she finds out his secret and that zz is laims....will it be thee end of their love??


4. setting up the party


Syds POV- "hey Zz can u help me get the party ready" i ask

"sure wat do u want me to do" Zz asked

"can u put the snacks out" i say

"sure" Zz says

she set out the chips and jolly ranchers and other candy.  

"done wat do i do now"Zz asked

"can u text everyone to come at 6:00 plz" i ask

"sure"Zz says.

all i heard was the clicking of Zz's phone. 

CRASH Zz jumps and then looks around "Syd wat happened are u ok" Zz asked nervesly

"yeah im fine i just dropped a plate i only have a little cut im fine" i say

Zz runs into the kitchen where i am "ill get a bandaid for u"Zz says

"thanks Zz your a good friend" i say to her

"no prob ill do anything to help a friend"Zz says

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