city to the country

syd is 16 yrs old and friends with zz. syd has a crush but hes a country boy so she goes through alot of pain trying to get liam to fall in love with her. the day she finds out his secret and that zz is laims....will it be thee end of their love??


3. lunch

Zz's POV-"syd stop staring at liam, its kinda geting creepy" i said

"im not staring Zz" syd told me 

"if u like him so much go talk to him and get to no him" i said.

Syds POV- I walk over there nervesly. 

"hey ways up" i asked liam

"not much how about u" liam asked

" same here, so do u like this school" i asked

" well so far I like this school" liam said

" good im glad u like this school, hey im having a party on friday do u want to come Zz's coming and a bunch of my other friends" i ask

"i cant i have to take care of the horses sorry" liam said

As the bell rings i catch up with Zz. 

ZzsPOV- "hey so is coming to the party" i ask

"no he has chores" syd says sadly

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