city to the country

syd is 16 yrs old and friends with zz. syd has a crush but hes a country boy so she goes through alot of pain trying to get liam to fall in love with her. the day she finds out his secret and that zz is laims....will it be thee end of their love??


2. first day

Syds POV- "SYD!!!!wake up its time for your first day of high school get up" mum yelled.

"no i hate high school" i said to myself.

"SYDNEY MARRIE BROOKER!!!!!!!! get up now" dad yelled.

"i'm up, gosh bossy bossy Syd do this no do this"I said to my self making faces.

"Syd Zz's her, better get ready or she will leave with out u" mum said 

As i get my bag and say bye to minnie mouse my chiuhauha Zz calls my name. as i race down 

the stairs and almost fall down them to. 

When i get to school i ask Zz

"Whos that is that the new kid" i ask

"yeah y"Zz asks

"he's kinda cute wats his name" i asked

"idk y dont u ask him" Zz says being a smart butt

"well maybe i will:)" i say 

"hey wats your name" i ask

"liam wats your name"liam asked

"Syd so are u new here" i ask

"yeah are u new or no" liam asked

"no i have been going to this school for 6 yrs" i say

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