city to the country

syd is 16 yrs old and friends with zz. syd has a crush but hes a country boy so she goes through alot of pain trying to get liam to fall in love with her. the day she finds out his secret and that zz is laims....will it be thee end of their love??


1. about the people



Syd has brown eyes and long brown hair she is 16 and hates going to school intill she meets liam the new kid. she falls head over heels for liam.


Zz is almost 17. Zz has brown eyes and short hair curly and has a secret of her own she is liams lettes just say bff. Zz is so worried about Syd if she just tells Syd now she will no but Syd will sad so she keeps it a secret and hopes Syd wont find out. 

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