The unexpected summer

When 19 year old, Mandy goes on a summer holiday with two of her best friends, Eve and Tahlia, she doesn't expect to meet her celebrity crush. Will he love her back? Will this just be a summer romance or was it meant to be?


9. Chapter 9

Mystery Girl

I tossed on a blue shirt and some white blue dip dyed shorts. I still cant belive harry dident recognize me. well I did have my head down. I walked to the truck jumped in and drove to the sea view restaurant. I walked in to Sea View and look around. my hair was down and my glasses were on so hopefully he wouldent notice me.


she walked in and I waved she walked over I handed her a red rose. she smiled. " thank you harry!" that's weird I never told her my name. "how did you.." she ran out of the restaurant and I followed "wait" I ran out and looked around and saw her sitting on the edge of the dock. I walked to were she was. she had here hair in a bun and was holding her glasses. I could tell she was crying. I put my hand on her shoulder and looked at her face. it was Eva. "hey whats wrong?" I asked whipping her tears. "Liam kissed me." "I thought you liked him." I replied confused. "No I didn't and I never will!" she screamed in a mess of tears. she handed me her keys the rose and her glasses and dove in to the water and swam away I rand to my car put my phone keys and shirt in the car. and jumped of the dock and swam to catch her. I swam for about 10 minutes I could see her she was on a small island with a small small 1 room cabin. shs laded half in sand half in water she was looking at the moon rise and all of the stars. I swam up to the island and laded down next to her. I held her hand. "beautiful." I said " yeah I love the stars." not them you." she looked at me and we kissed.



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